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readout Breton-Google-youtube 28/2/2022
lundi 14 mars 2022 18:06:13
Following yesterday’s discussion with Ukrainian Vice Premier Mychailo Fedorov,
European Commissioner for Internal Market Thierry Breton, joined by VicePresident for
Value and Transparency Vera Jourova, had a call with 
of Youtube and
 of Google.
They discussed the urgent need for taking stronger actions to counter Russian state-
sponsored disinformation and to comply with sanctions - including the latest measures.
There was agreement to keep adapting and updating platforms’ policies in light of the
current situation.
Commissioner Breton commented: “Freedom of expression does not cover war
propaganda. For too long, content from Russia Today and other Russian state media has
been amplified by algorithms and proposed as “recommended content” to people who
had never requested it. War propaganda should never be recommended content - what
is more, it should have no place on online platforms at all. I count on the tech industry to
take urgent and effective measures to counter disinformation.”
Vice President Jourova commented : « I expect YouTube and Google to step up efforts to
address Russian war propaganda. Russia has weaponised information, this is why
platforms cannot be a space for its war lies. I appreciate some measures already taken,
especially efforts to ensure the flow of information into Russia. We agreed to stay in
close contact in the coming days. »