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Ref. Ares(2022)5884745 - 23/08/2022

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Subject: Re: Reply to your letter of 11 March on Ukraine-Crisis impacts on food security -
Dear Personal data
Many thanks for taking time to read our letter and invest in a detailed
We were happy to hear that Commissioner Wojciechowski is willing to meet
us, and would very much appreciate if a date could be found at the
earliest possible point.
From a practical perspective, we'd like to ask if it's possible to hold
it as an open meeting (i.e. to be recorded and published, for the
benefit of all) or whether the Commissioner rather prefers a closed
meeting (this depends primarily on the targets we may want to reach at
this point in time).
We would also like to ask, whether it would be of interest to hold the
meeting jointly with any other commissioners (especially Commissioner
Kyriakides) and/or agricultural ministers (e.g. xxxxxxx, France).
I will be able to inform of the attendents on our side once the date is
Kind regards and thank you again,
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> Dear Personal data

> Please find attached a letter from Commissioner Wojciechowski in reply to your letter dated

> Kind regards,

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> Personal   Cabinet of Mr Janusz Wojciechowski, Commissioner for Agriculture
> European Commission
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> B-1040 Brussels/Belgium
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