This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Meetings on biofuels and Indirect Land-Use Change'.

Mrs.  Connie  HEDEGAARD  
Member  of  the  Commission  for  Climate  
European  Commission,  
Rue  de  la  Loi  200  
B-­‐1040  Brussels  
Brussels,  21  August  2012  
Dear  Mrs.  Hedegaard,  
The  Association  of  European  renewable  ethanol  producers  is  having  in  Brussels  on  September  26/27  its  second  
annual  policy  conference.  
We  would  be  honoured  if  you  would  be  available  to  give  the  keynote  speech  on  September  26,  late  afternoon.  
We  are  trying  again.  Last  year  you  were  unfortunately  not  available.  We  are  hopeful  that  this  year  your  agenda  
wil   allow  some  time  to  meet  us.  
Since   the   EU   has   biofuel   legislation   biofuels   have   always   been   on   the   political   agenda.   In   recent   year   the  
discussion  is  mainly  on  land  use  changes.  We,  as  ethanol  producers  are  convinced  that  we  have  a  good  story  to  
bring.  We  are  determined  to  produce  in  a  responsible  and  technological  innovative  way  the  best  possible  biofuel.  
We   are   investing   in   the   production   of   ligno-­‐cel ulosic   ethanol   because   we   are   convinced   that   this   wil    be   the  
future.   Our   member   companies   such   as   Abengoa,   Tereos,   DONG   and   Novozymes   are   in   the   forefront   of  
improving  this  technology.  It  is  important  that  we  hear  from  persons  like  yourself  that  these  investments  need  to  
The  EU  ethanol  producers  are  ambitious  and  have  the  objective  to  produce  biofuels  done  excel ent.    
We  can  only  do  so  if  the  debate  on  ILUC  wil   be  concluded  swiftly.  The  European  ethanol  is  not  walking  away  
from  this  debate.  We  are  convinced  as  was  confirmed  by  the  latest  IFPRI  report  that  the  EU  ethanol  can  face  the  
challenge.  Therefore  we  would  welcome  soon  a  proposal  on  the  table.  
We   are   convinced   that   your   participation   to   our   modest   conference   wil    contribute   to   a   better   understanding  
from  ePURE’s  members  of  your  position  on  biofuels,  more  in  particular  bioethanol.  
We  have  foreseen  a  30  minutes  time  slot  at  the  end  of  the  afternoon  but  are  of  course  flexible  in  meeting  your  
wishes  on  the  timetable.  
The   audience   wil    consist   out   of   members   of   the   association   and   invited   guests   such   as   from   the   European  
Parliament,  national  administrations  and  other  stakeholder  groups.  We  apply  Chatham  House  rules  so  that  al   
speakers  can  speak  freely.  
I  attach  for  your  information  the  draft  programme.  
I  truly  hope  that  this  time  your  busy  schedule  will  allow  you  to  join  us.  
Sincerely  yours,  
Dr.  Lutz  Guderjahn  
Robert  Vierhout  
Member  of  the  Board  of  Südzucker  AG  
Secretary-­‐General  ePURE  
President  ePURE