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european renewable ethanol
2nd  European  Renewable  Ethanol  Policy  Conference  2012
26-­‐27  September  2012
De  Warande,  Zinnerstraat  1,  Brussels  1000
Wednesday  26  September
10.15  -­‐  10.45
Registra3on  and  welcome  coffee
10.45  -­‐  11.00
State  of  the  Industry
Opening  speech  by  Lutz  Guderjahn,  President,  ePURE
11.00  -­‐  12.00
Ethanol  Trade
Frank  Hoffmeister,  Deputy  Chief  of  Cabinet,  DG  TRADE,  EU  Commission
Maurice  House,  Minister  Counsel or  Agriculture,  US  Mission  to  the  EU  (tbc)
Jérôme  Bignon,  Board  Member,  Cristal  Union  
Geraldine  Kutas,  Head  of  Interna3onal  Affairs  &  Senior  Advisor  to  the  President,  UNICA  
Moderator:  (tbc)
12.00  -­‐  13.00
Indirect  Land  Use  Change  (ILUC)
Peter  Vis,  Chief  of  Cabinet,  DG  CLIMA,  EU  Commission  (tbc)
Linda  McAvan,  Member  of  the  European  Parliament,  Environment  CommiVee  (tbc)
Dietrich  Klein,  Chairman  Biotechnology  Working  Group,  Copa-­‐Cogeca  
Senior  Representa[ve,  NGO  (tbc)
Moderator:  Pete  Harrison,  Senior  Associate,  European  Climate  Founda3on
13.00  -­‐  14.45
14.45  -­‐  15.00
Presenta[on  of  Double  Coun[ng  report
Gloria  Gaupmann,  Energy  and  Environmental  Affairs,  ePURE
15.00  -­‐  16.00
Double  Coun[ng  of  Biofuels  in  the  EU  Renewable  Energy  Direc[ve
Hans  Van  Steen,  Ac3ng  Director  of  Renewable  Energy,  DG  ENER,  EU  Commission
Lars  Hansen,  President  Europe  Region,  Novozymes
Allan  Rankine,  Regulatory  Affairs  Manager,  BP  Biofuels  
Thorsten  Wege,  Senior  Policy  Officer,  Dutch  Ministry  of  Environment
Moderator:  Jan  Henke,  Director,  Meo  Carbon  Solu3ons
Kindly  sponsored  by  our  members:

european renewable ethanol
2nd  European  Renewable  Ethanol  Policy  Conference  2012
26-­‐27  September  2012
De  Warande,  Zinnerstraat  1,  Brussels  1000
16.00  -­‐  17.00
EU  Sustainability  Cer[fica[on  for  Biofuels
Bernd  Küpker,  Policy  Officer,  DG  ENER,  EU  Commission
Peter  Jürgens,  Managing  Director,  REDCert          
Michelle  Morton,  Biofuels  Sustainability  Manager,  Shel
Senior  Representa[ve,  Na3onal  Government  (tbc)
Moderator:  Hendrik  Lemahieu,  Secretary  General,  Belgian  Bioethanol  Associa3on
17.00  -­‐  17.30
Networking  coffee  break
17.30  -­‐  18.00
Keynote  Speech:  (tbc)
18.00  -­‐  19.00
Networking  cocktail
Thursday  27  September
09.30  -­‐  10.00
Welcome  coffee
10.00  -­‐  11.15
Promo[ng  Europe’s  Bioeconomy
Barend  Verachtert,  Deputy  Head  of  Biotechnology,  DG  RESEARCH,  EU  Commission
Andy  Sweetman,  Chairman,  European  Bioplas3cs        
Mike  Spandern,  Director,  Agricolia
Ed  de  Jong,  Vice  President  Development,  Avan3um  Chemicals
Moderator:  Karlheinz  Hausmann,  Global  Sustainability  Technology  Leader,  DuPont
11.15  -­‐  11.45
Coffee  break
11.45  -­‐  12.45
The  Future  of  Transport  Fuels
Alessandro  Bartelloni,  Execu3ve  Officer,  Europia
Senior  representa[ve,  Volkswagen  (tbc)
Jos  Dings,  Director,  Transport  &  Environment
Lutz  Guderjahn,  President,  ePURE
Moderator:  Franz  Xaver  Söldner,  Deputy  Head  of  Unit,  DG  MOVE,  EU  Commission
12.45  -­‐  13.00
Closing  remarks
Closing  speech  by  Rob  Vierhout,  Secretary  General,  ePURE
End  of  conference