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Ref. Ares(2012)1022111 - 03/09/2012
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From: European Biodiesel Board - Isabelle Maurizi [mailto:[email address]]  
Sent: Friday, August 31, 2012 4:37 PM 
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Subject: Request for a meeting on Indirect Land Use Change and revision of EU biofuels policy 
484/COM/12                                                                                              Brussels, August 31st 

TO:      Mr Peter Vis 
            Cabinet for Climate Action 
            Head of Cabinet 
Re:      Request for a meeting on Indirect Land Use Change and revision of EU biofuels 
policy perspectives
Dear Mr Vis,  
Following our meeting on July, 5th 2012 discussing the negative impact of a policy on Indirect Land 
Use Change for our sector, we are contacting you to raise our concerns as regards the developments 
that took place over the summer. We are aware that the Commission will launch an inter-service 
consultation in the coming days.  
An inappropriate proposal on ILUC could dramatically reshape the European energy and industrial 
policy structure for the next years and we believe it is of utmost importance to interact with your 
As the voice of the industry, we have numerously expressed our concerns on the lack of maturity of 
the science used to assess ILUC, leading strong inconsistencies and loopholes. We believe an 
unsuitable legislative proposal would not only undermine Europe‚Äôs capacity to lower its Greenhouse 
Gas emissions, but it would seriously damage an European-based industry in time of economic 
turmoil. On the contrary, it seems relevant to promote good practices. We are going to send you an 
official EBB position on the new draft compromise proposal drafted within Commission services, in the 
meantime, given the very short timeframe, we would be delighted to be able already to fix a meeting 
with you so to illustrate our arguments , concerns and suggestions. 
As such, and in view of the imminent inter-service consultation, we would be available on Thursday 
September 6th except after 4pm or on  September 18th (pm) or 19th (am). We would greatly value 
contributing to the current debate, disposing of the technical and economical insight of the sector.  
We would like to thank you for the time you will take to consider our request and look forward to 
seeing you again,  

Yours faithfully, 
Raffaello GAROFALO                                                      
Secretary General                                                       
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