Expditeur: "VAN GAEVER Alain (MOVE)" <[email address]>
Date: 14 avril 2015 00:28:22 UTC+8
Destinataire: "DEPRE Claire (MOVE)" <[email address]>
Cc: "ALFAYATE Maria (MOVE)" <[email address]>, "CARABIN Gilles (MOVE)" <[email address]>
Objet: Summary meeting ACEA with JAM

Short summary of the meeting between ACEA and JAM


4 Topics on the agenda:

         CO2 emissions

         White Paper on Transport

         Weights and Dimensions



On CO2 (probably took 80 % of the time)

- Market uptake of electric vehicles is low (0.5 % in EU). This because of  acquisition cost + lack of re-charging infrastructure. ACEA asks for (harmonized) incentives + mentions that renewal of car fleet is key.

- EJ (Erik Jonnaert) mentioned ACEA sees a big role for ITS in reducing CO2 emissions (improving traffic flows). Will do a study on this together with ERTICO (Foreseen Sept 2015).

- ACEA is working with range of stakeholders to reduce CO2 emissions


White Paper on Transport

- Need to have common methodology to evaluate the effectiveness of each transport mode (currently road transport seems to be treated 'unequally')


Weights & Dimensions

- Philippe gave overview of expected timing.

- We are in implementation phase . Not much to report at this stage.


Cooperative ITS

- ACEA stressed this as very important:  'This will change business models". Hence need to proceed carefully. "Finding balance" is key. "Avoid commoditizing vehicle manufacturers and giving business away to outsiders"

- Observation that difficult for industry to know which platform to follow. Refers to DG Connect i-Mobility platform. (I informed him we keep a close loop with CNECT (and other) colleagues and try to get the best person/DG to take the lead)

- Observation that ACEA not part of every task force. JAM responds explaining that they are part of 3 out of 4 TF. And that those are temporary anyway. And that in the past ACEA not always responded on time.

- Erik Jonnaert positions that he is here to understand if there are any problems at working level - if so - he wants to know about them - so he can address them. (He was informed that for now everything seems to be running more smoothly.)




- Erik Jonnaert

- Philipe Hamet

- Rolf Diemer

- Alain Van Gaever




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