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Ref. Ares(2015)4584879 - 26/10/2015
Ref. Ares(2016)6036878 - 20/10/2016
Directorate-General for Trade 
Directorate E - Neighbouring countries, USA and Canada 
  USA and Canada 
USA and Canada  
Meeting Report  
Meeting with ESIA - Encryption - 27.01.2015 
 MERTEN KOOLEN, Senior Director, Industry Relations & Trade Programs, 
NXP Semiconductors.  
 ALFRED HOFFMANN, Corporate Vice President, Public Authorities and 
Associations, Infineon Technologies. 
, Central Marketing Manager, MMS Group, 
 HENDRIK ABMA, Director General ESIA. 
, Trade & Statistics Manager ESIA. 


•  ESIA pointed out the differences between the EU and US industries market segments: 
EU industry is leader in segments with the highest security levels.  
•  Ideally a globally standard for high security levels should be agreed by means of 
international cooperation. In that regard ESIA would like to see the EU framework 
strengthened, in particular regarding the role of CCRA and SOGIS => Aiming at 
exporting our system to third countries. JPN and KOR have shown interest in SOGIS, 
why not US?  
•  Public Procurement is a key offensive interest of EU industry. Certification based on US 
standard – FIPS - is requested in order to enter the US procurement market: redundant 
and unnecessary certification with additional costs. (ESIA also argues that FIPS is 
required even for commercial products when out of procurement => needs verification) 
•  ESIA states that FIPS certification is actually cheaper and faster than SOGIS 
certification, given its lower requirements, thus easily exportable to third countries. ESIA 
insist that the EU should aim at strengthening security levels and not a lowering them. In 
that regard they see as artificial the differentiation between commercial and non –
commercial products. Lowering security levels could put US industry and the use of the 
FIPS standard in an advantageous position.  
Commission européenne/Europese Commissie, 1049 Bruxelles/Brussel, BELGIQUE/BELGIË - Tel. +32 22991111 

•  Industry somehow divided in the possibility of analysing mutual recognition of EU and 
US standards, i.e. certain level of SOGIS/CCRA vs certain level of FIPS. This would put 
FIPS in an equal standing to a truly international standard, it is necessary to be careful.  
Comm suggested future areas of exploration: 
How to improve situation of EU industry in the US: Use of EU scheme in procurement 
and other areas. 
Strengthening international disciplines. 
Spill over into the internal market.  

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