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Meeting Report  
Report: TTIP Briefing of Polish Car industry and stakeholders, Warsaw, 
On the invitation of the Polish Ministry of Economy, I participated in a briefing of some 
30-35 representatives of Polish car industry manufacturers, associations, NGOs, and type 
approval authority on the state of play of the regulatory chapter on cars in TTIP. It turned 
out that I was the only speaker and my intervention was to last for almost exactly 4 
hours. No item or aspect of our negotiation was left untouched. The meeting was very 
focused with very precise and useful questions throughout my presentation.  
At the end we had a few questions in a Q&A format that were more problematic  and 
controversial relating to rules of origin and the sensitivity of the dismantling of our 10 
per cent duty. I could refrain from expressing my views on these since the Polish TPC 
full member, who participated during the whole session, volunteered to take the 
questions. It is clear that on rules of origins cumulation with Mexico is a major concern. 
On tariffs, I understood that they may be looking at a dismantling period of 5 years. Also 
timing of a possible conclusion was raised and replied to in a general sense of depending 
on TPA, TPP and Obama Administration and of course substantive progress. 
Very positive feedback to my presentation. In my view, the Polish government is doing 
an excellent outreach to its stakeholders on TTIP. May be worth complementing them at 
one stage. 
Finally, I was asked whether we had a colleague working on iron, steel and non-ferrous 
metal. They would like to organise a similar outreach event for that sector. I could not 
think of a name. Any suggestions?  
Thank you for your interest. 
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