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Ref. Ares(2015)4588470 - 26/10/2015
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Directorate-General for Trade 
Directorate E - Neighbouring countries, USA and Canada 
  USA and Canada 
USA and Canada  
Meeting Report  
Meeting with ITIC - 14.01.2015 
Participants:  ITIC, see attachment.  
, DG Trade F3 
1.  ITIC reiterated previous positions from the ICT industry. They are not so  
concerned about the EU and US differences in standardisation but they are 
concerned about emerging countries like China and India, who are setting 
their own standards and conformity assessment procedures,  not really 
respecting the WTO Code of Good Practice especially for openness, 
transparency and non-discrimination. ITIC believes that TTIP should address 
these issues and create a golden standard in these areas and reinforce the 
TBT Agreement.  
2.  ITIC believes that  TTIP negotiators should think out of the box and 
acknowledge that regulatory regimes have evolved since the signature of 
the TBT Agreement. Both parties should acknowledge that even if both 
systems have adequately delivered, there is room for improvement. There 
is a need to be forward looking.  In particular they insisted on how 
appropriate it would be to acknowledge the work of standardisation 
consortia, not only in the ICT sectors but also in more traditional industry 
areas. They advocated for a market driven standardisation system.  
3.  They indicated that they are looking into a common position with Digital 
Europe, who they were meeting the day after. They also indicated that they 
had held a meeting with DG GROW and were soon to meet DG CNECT.  
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