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Sent: Tuesday, November 17, 2015 9:57 AM 
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Subject: report - meeting with Danish Shipowners' Association 
Subject: Meeting with Danish Shipowners' Association 
Date: 12 November 2015 
Participants: TRADE B1  [Art. 4.1(b)]
); Danish 
Shipowners' Association (
); A2 SEA 
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(CEO Schneider) 
On 12/11/2015, we met with the Danish Shipowners' Association and 
A2Sea (important Danish company in offshore wind installations). 
A2Sea (Schneider) explained that the offshore wind industry is only 
15y old (A2Sea is pioneering company) but demonstrated significant 
growth and should to be considered separately from the offshore gas 
and oil industry, given different volumes with which they operate (e.g. 
wind turbine foundation of 250 000 tons is significantly heavier than 
what's used in oil and gas). 
Following significant industry expansion in Europe, industry is now 
looking into global opportunities and regrets substantial trade 
barriers that affect their activities, notably in the US, but also in other 
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In relation to trade barrier in the USA, 
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Concerns were repeated about the CBP interpretation relating to the 
"topside installation work" which has been already subject of letters 
and discussions earlier this year.  Although the issue mainly relates 
to oil and gas project, it could also be applicable to all maritime 
projects that require heavy foundations (as for example wind farm).  
In relation to the TTIP negotiations, the participants highlighted the 
importance of seeking the waiver in the Jones Act which would allow 
European companies to enter the market (with European owned 
vessels, specialists and equipment) 
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A number of arguments were mentioned 
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Policy Officer 
European Commission 
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