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Meeting Report  
Report – Meeting between Commissioner Malmström and a Delegation of the 
German-speaking Community in Belgium – 7/9 

The Commissioner received a delegation composed of representatives of the  German-
speaking Community, including  the President of the Parliament, MPs,  and other 
stakeholders. Most of the participants sought reassurances on 'classical' TTIP fears. 
Questions focussed on ISDS, notably on its possible chilling effect and on the reasons for 
its inclusion despite broad rejection in the public consultation. Strong concerns were 
expressed about regulatory cooperation and especially the RCB. Several speakers asked 
how a democratic oversight over the RCB would be ensured. The interventions showed 
that the concerns over the impact of TTIP at local level and the fear of forced 
privatisation of public services persist. Several delegations complained about the lack of 
transparency. MPs looked forward to receiving access to consolidated texts.  A Green 
representative raised the importance of Belgian GIs.  
Other questions included the impact on growth and jobs, the risk of social dumping, the 
impact on LDCs (notably generics) and the impact on SMEs.   
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