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Directorate-General for Trade 
Directorate E - Neighbouring countries, USA and Canada 
USA and Canada 
USA and Canada  
Meeting Report  
Report meeting between CM and the European Centre of Employers and 
Enterprises providing Public Services (CEEP) – 19 December 2014 

Valeria RONZITTI – CEEP General Secretary; Rainer PLASSMANN – CEEP Chair 
SGI Taskforce;  Art. 4.1b
Cecilia Malmström, Miguel Ceballos Baron (CAB), 
Art. 4.1b
45 minutes meeting, in which CEEP presented the views of its members concerning 
public services (SGIs) and in particular on public procurement and on the link between 
concessions and investment notably in the context of CETA (CEEP position on these 
issues explained in the attached paper). ISDS and transparency were also raised.  
• On Services of General Interest (SGIs), CEEP signalled its main concern is the
preservation of the acquis communitaire, notably concerning public procurement
rules. CEEP explained its analysis of how CEEP believes the CETA provisions in
the investment chapter on inclusion of the award of concessions and in the
procurement chapter on "in-house" rules will/may have an effect on the SGIs
acquis. CEEP believes investors from Canada could bring claims against
violations of the two chapters. The attached papers summarises the position of
CEEP on these issues.
• On ISDS CEEP noted the radical stance of some its member but stressed that
CEEP overall supports the inclusion of ISDS subject to certain improvements as
per CEEP's contribution to the consultation.
• CEEP welcomed the new transparency initiative and encouraged the Commission
to do an effort in explaining better and clearer about its policies and activities. It
is not enough to simply say that SGIs will not be touched.
• CEEP reiterated its interest to become a member of the Advisory Group (AG).
Commission européenne/Europese Commissie, 1049 Bruxelles/Brussel, BELGIQUE/BELGIË - Tel. +32 22991111 

•  CEEP looks forward to future meetings of the Civil Society Dialogue with the 
The Commissioner expressed her commitment to continue engaging with stakeholders, 
provided an update on the transparency initiative and informed CEEP about the 
publication on 13 January of the report of the ISDS consultation. She thanked CEEP for 
the input provided, encouraged CEEP to continue engaging with her team and DG Trade 
and ensured CEEP an appropriate follow-up would be given to the document handed 
during the meeting. On CEEP's request to become a member of the AG the 
Commissioner highlighted the various means and fora stakeholders have to share their 
views on our policies. She did not close the door to invite CEEP to a meeting subject to 
the topic under discussion.  

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