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Meeting Report  
Meeting Report between Commissioner Malmström and ETUC - 15 January 2015 
Bernadette Segol,  Art. 4.1b
Commissioner Malmström (CM), Jolana Mungengová,  Art. 4.1b
Welcomed meeting Commissioner, and while ETUC recognised that CM is in listening 
mood, ETUC was ready to be on the talking front. 
ETUC noted that the "fresh start" should not only relate to trade but rather concern all 
EU policies and contribute to increasing confidence of workers and EU citizens in the 
EU system. It should not be about saying things differently but about a different practice 
and about delivering now. ETUC concerned that some parts of its membership base is 
also turning towards more extremism. 
ETUC recalled that it is not an anti-trade or anti-globalisation movement as it recognises 
that trade can contribute to increasing employment (ie ETUC did not oppose the EU-FTA 
with Korea). But trade agreements should also bring quality jobs, social rights and 
respect EU values. 
On trade agreements, ETUC opposes the inclusion of ISDS provisions and believe that 
labour and social provisions should be enforceable to ensure they mean something in 
Long exchange on the outcome of the public consultation. ETUC noted that its single 
contributuon to the consultation must be taken as more than one voice, given the weight 
this organisation has in the EU. CM recalled briefly the methodology used to take into 
account all the views expressed and recognised the strong scepticism of the majority of 
ETUC noted how difficult it is becoming for it to maintain its current pro-TTIP approach 
given the political pressure on ISDS and the internal pressure from its members on this 
particular area. Ms Segol clearly indicated that she would not engage in a political battle 
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