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Meeting Report  
Quick note - TABC meeting 20 May 

Art. 4.1 b
A quick note of what was discussed with TABC ( Art. 4.1b
,  Art. 4.1b
) on 
Wednesday morning: 
• They are working on a comms campaign with AmCham EU and the ERT.  First
outputs expected very soon.  The idea is for it to be open-source – they will send
materials to associate members in EU Member States, to be used and adapted to
the local context.  They will translate when possible.
• It will include social media stuff.  They would welcome any amplification we can
offer, though appreciate that's not necessarily our role (rather vice versa…)
• They also want to build a network of pro-TTIP speakers.  Like us they often get
requests they do not have the capacity to manage, whether it's for travel reasons
or language or simply too many at once.
• Duration of the campaign depends partly on experience but current plan extends
to early next year.
• Separately, they are continuing their work with universities and student
associations.  For example, European Young Liberals: -
who have started a TTIP Ghostbusting campaign:
• They are also working with the Young Transatlanticists' association in Germany.
We discussed some of the potential pitfalls and challenges, and it sounds as though they 
are well prepared.  I asked them to keep us in the loop.   
Outside the scope of the request
Hope this is useful 
Art. 4.1 b
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