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Ref. Ares(2016)4162935 - 05/08/2016
Directorate B 
SG.B.4/FB/rc - sg.dsg2.b.4(2016)4525775 
Mr Andreas PAVLOU 
Access Info Europe 
Calle Cava de San Miguel 8, 4c 
28005 Madrid  
Copy by email: 
Your request for access to documents under Regulation (EC) No 
1049/2001 – reference GestDem No 2016/4032 

Dear Mr Pavlou, 
We refer to your message of 18 July 2016, registered on 19 July 2016, in which you 
submit a request for access to documents under Article 6(1) of Regulation (EC) No 
1049/2001 regarding public access to European Parliament, Council and Commission 
documents1 ('Regulation 1049/2001').   
You request access to [m]emos, guidance, guidelines, or training material (or any other 
document) for EU Commission staff on the implementation of exceptions contained in 
Regulation 1049/2001 
and the same documents (i.e. memos, guidance, guidelines, etc.) 
relating to the redaction of document.  
The Commission has identified the following documents as falling under the scope of 
your request: 
1.  Guidance note dated 23 January 2015, regarding access to documents relating to 
trilogues, including the annex regarding the consultation procedure between the 
services of the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission on trilogue 
documents, ref.: Ares(2015)282423; 
1    Official Journal L 145 of 31.5.2001, p. 43. 
Commission européenne/Europese Commissie, 1049 Bruxelles/Brussel, BELGIQUE/BELGIË - Tel. +32 22991111 
E-mail: xxxxxxxxxx@xx.xxxxxx.xx 

2.  Guidance note dated 29 June 2016, regarding Access to information and documents 
related to procurement and grant award procedures, ref.: Ares(2016)3063115; 
3.  Guidance note dated 28 February 2003, regarding public access to documents 
relating to infringement proceedings, ref.: SEC/2003/260/3; 
4.  Summary fiche entitled Access to briefings; 
5.  Summary fiche entitled Access to draft impact assessment reports; 
6.  Summary fiche entitled Access to inter-service consultations; 
7.  Summary fiche entitled Access to correspondence under Directive 98/34; 
8.  Summary fiche entitled Third-party names and signatures; 
9.  Summary fiche entitled Access to Studies; 
10. Guidance note dated 27 March 2015, regarding access to names and functions of 
Commission staff, ref.: Ares(2015)1350426; 
11. Newsletter dated 2 July 2015, regarding use of Adobe Acrobat Professional 
(redacting the documents); 
12. Basic training ARIANE II (training slides). 
Having analysed the content of the above-mentioned documents, I am pleased to inform 
you that access is granted to all documents nr. 1 to 12. Please find copies of the 
documents annexed. 
You may reuse the documents requested free of charge for non-commercial and 
commercial purposes provided that the source is acknowledged, and that you do not 
distort the original meaning or message of the document. Please note that the 
Commission does not assume liability stemming from the reuse 
Yours sincerely, 
Paraskevi Michou 
Enclosures: (12) 

Electronically signed on 04/08/2016 16:32 (UTC+02) in accordance with article 4.2 (Validity of electronic documents) of Commission Decision 2004/563

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