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Sent: Tuesday, September 24, 2013 2:21 PM 
Subject: summary: meeting with COCERAL 23 September 2013 
Meeting with COCERAL – (cereals and oilseeds industry association) – 23 September 2013 
DG AGRI: John Clarke,
(A2); DG Trade:
COCERAL operates in the cereals and oilseeds sector. It represents the interests of EU collectors, 
traders, importers, exporters, and port silo storekeepers of cereals, rice, feedstuffs oilseeds, 
olive oil, oils and facts and agrosupply. 
COCERAL made two points with regard to the TTIP: 

In favour of liberalization of imports of cereals and oilseeds (imports in general cover 80-
85% of their industry needs) and addressing the GMO issue in TTIP. 

Calls for Effective application of equivalency principle in RED for soybeans – so that 
soybeans from the US can be regarded as meeting the sustainability criteria. 
European Commission  
DG Agriculture and Rural Development 
A.2 Industrialised countries, OECD