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U.S., Canada, Japan – meeting with COPA-COGECA – 1 July 2013 
COPA-COGECA visited Director John A. Clarke on 1 July for an exchange on the upcoming 
TTIP negotiations with the United States, considered by the farm organisation as a key 
 In principle, 
COPA-COGECA is supportive of these trade deals with developed countries, assuming the 
result is balanced. 
- DG AGRI: John Clarke (JAC),
COPA-COGECA opened by explaining that now that the CAP reform was adopted COPA-
COGECA's priority is TTIP. COPA-COGECA is in general in favour of TTIP, as it is 
supposed to be beneficial for both parties. Minimum food safety standards or animal welfare 
rules have however to be respected. 
COPA-COGECA maintains regular contacts with U.S. farm organizations (both Farm Bureau 
and NFU), American administration (USDA and USTR). COPA-COGECA considers itself 
close to the general positioning of BusinessEurope, as the EU has sensitivities in the industrial 
sector too, such as automobile. 
Mediterranean products (e.g. Italian cheese, Spanish olive oil, wines) are to gain most from 
There are concerns on poultry, voiced by Dutch members, in view of the EU's feed 
dependency and high animal welfare standards. 
On non-tariff barriers, COPA-COGECA raised the lack of recognition by the US of European 
standards in imports of raw milk and milk products. This issue goes beyond the Grade A 

Inquired about the prospects for sugar on the U.S. market, 

JAC strongly encouraged COPA-COGECA to build a common industry platform with its U.S. 
counterparts. COPA-COGECA meets with Farm Bureau in October and will look at the 
possibility of organizing a joint event by the end of the year. 
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