This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Memos, guidance and guidelines on record creation'.

Ref. Ares(2014)3576039 - 28/10/2014
  Legal Affairs 
/  (2014) 
Subject: Access to Documents 
Dear colleagues, 
The Secretariat-General has published a new guide for Access to documents that you will 
find attached to this note. 
We would draw your attention to the following points:  
1.  Arrival of a request 
Unit receives a request directly 
A citizen sends an e-mail requesting access to a document. This email should be 
forwarded to REGIO ACCES DOCUMENTS, asking for registration and attribution of 
the request.  
From ARES: 
The Unit receives a task with a deadline that should be respected. If there is any problem 
(wrong attribution, doubts, etc.), the Unit should contact as soon as possible REGIO 
2.  Response to the request 
Positive response 
The responsible unit has 15 working days (the exact deadline is indicated in the request) 
to answer directly the applicant, with a copy either to the mailbox REGIO ACCES 
DOCUMENTS or to the virtual entity "ve_regio.acces documents". 
Negative response / partial access 
If a negative response is given to the applicant and access to the requested document is 
refused, the responsible unit must first contact REGIO.B4 (
) for advice. 
A letter to the applicant must be prepared for the signature of the Director-General, with 
visa of REGIO.B4. This letter should include: 
Commission europĆ©enne/Europese Commissie, 1049 Bruxelles/Brussel, BELGIQUE/BELGIƋ - Tel. +32 22991111 
Office: BU-5 

1) a clear list of the documents falling within the scope of the request;
2) a description of the content of the document(s) or part(s) of document(s) refused;
3) the conclusion of the DG after a detailed examination, and the reasons for refusing
Please remember to substantiate the answer with the details related to your case. 
In case of a negative reply to a request for access to observations related to not yet 
adopted decisions on partnership agreements or programmes, please use the template 
agreed by the Stock-taking Group.  
If you are unable to reply within the 15-day deadline 
Send the applicant a letter, before the expiry of the 15-day deadline, notifying him or her 
of the extension of the deadline and giving reasons for the extension of the deadline. 
Please do not forget to put REGIO ACCES DOCUMENTS in copy. 
The GESTDEM reference must always be indicated in any letter or email to the applicant 
and REGIO ACCES DOCUMENTS should always be in copy. 
out of the scope of the request
out of the scope of the request
Failure to reply within the prescribed time limit constitutes a tacit refusal and entitles the 
applicant to make a confirmatory application to the Secretary General, which will then 
take a final decision on behalf of the Commission. The applicant can then challenge this 
decision either by filling a complaint to the Ombudsman or by appeal to the General 
For further information or questions, please do not hesitate to send an email to REGIO 
CC:  REGIO Directors, 
 (REGIO.DGA1.B ),    
 ( REGIO.DGA2) ,