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Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs 
Industrial Transformation and Advanced Value Chains 
  Automotive and Mobility Industries 
Head of Unit 
Record of meetings based on recollections - GestDem No 2016/6716  
ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers' Association 
Meeting of 19 October 2015 
The Director of the Industrial Transformation and Advanced Value Chains Directorate of 
DG GROW, Mr Cozigou, and the Head of Unit of the Automotive and Mobility Industries 
unit met with Mr Jonnaert, the Secretary General of ACEA at ACEAs request. The meeting 
consisted of a general discussion on ACEA's views on the main issues concerning the 
automotive sector and related legislation. ACEA presented the industry position, addressed 
the importance of appropriate Conformity Factors and implementation dates; consequences 
of the perceived and too stringent Commission proposal/introduction; request from the side 
of the Commission to present detailed costs for the industry of various RDE scenarios. 
Meeting of 29 October 2015 
The Head of Unit of the Automotive and Mobility Industries met with a representative of 
ACEA at ACEA's request. Discussion on various pending issues - RMI, cooperation 
between manufacturers and aftermarket, plans for the amendment of the Framework 
Directive, calendar for WLTP. 
Meeting of 19 November 2015 
A policy officer of DG GROW met with representatives of ACEA at their request. Topics 
ACEA's position on the RDE proposal voted on 28 October – Commission 
made clear that the proposal was approved and could not be changed.  
ACEA's views on the correlation between WLTP and RDE – Suggestion to 
take contact with DG CLIMA on technical issues relating to WLTP. 
ACEA's views on the development of transfer functions – Commission 
listened, but doubted that his would be addressed in the future. 
The Commission services' planning for RDE packages 3 and 4 – Commission 
updated on the expected timeline (i.e. Q3+Q4 2016).  
Commission européenne/Europese Commissie, 1049 Bruxelles/Brussel, BELGIQUE/BELGIË  

VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry) 
Meeting of 4 November 2015 
The Director of the Industrial Transformation and Advanced Value Chains Directorate of 
DG GROW, Mr Cozigou met Mr Eichhorn, Managing Director of VDA at the request of 
VDA. The visit took place in connection of Mr Eichorn's visit to Brussels. The meeting 
consisted of a general exchange of views, in particular on the issue of Real Driving 
Emissions of cars, and of an exchange of views on the Volkswagen case – what measures 
need to be undertaken in order to prevent such situations from happening in the future, scale 
of the event, response of the industry, compensation to consumers; necessity for the industry 
to undertake measures restoring their credibility. 
Ford Europe 
Meeting of 22 January 2016 
The Head of Unit of the Automotive and Mobility Industries unit met with a representative 
of Ford Europe at the request of Ford Europe. The meeting was a courtesy meeting in order 
to present the situation of Ford and to discuss general European policy issues of relevance to 
the automotive industry.