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Meeting with CCBE, MARKT and TRADE for   and FTA Japan 
Date : 29 May 2013 
Venue : DG MARKT 
Attendees : 
CCBE :  [Art. 4.1(b)]

[Art. 4.1(b)]
COM :  [Art. 4.1(b)]
 (MARKT),  [Art. 4.1(b)]  (MARKT)  [Art. 4.1(b)]
(TRADE),  [Art. 4.1(b)]  (TRADE),  [Art. 4.1(b)]  (TRADE) 
The meeting was requested by CCBE to highlight specific concerns of the legal profession in the 
context of trade with
 and Japan. 
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CCBE has yearly meeting with their Japanese counterpart, JFBA (Japan federation Bar Associations). 
Recent figures show that the number of EU lawyers active on the Japanese market is very limited. 
There are all in all some 525 non-Japanese lawyers active in Japan of which 148 are EU lawyers. The 
large majority of these EU lawyers are UK lawyers.  
The CCBE did not mention any additional problems in Japan besides those included in the yearly 
reports of the European Business Council in Japan. In general, the situation for European lawyers in 
Japan is good, only some smaller problems occur but these are inherent to the Japanese legislation 
and do also apply to Japanese lawyers and law companies, e.g. the prohibition to open a second law 
office.     [Art. 4.1(b)]
[Art. 4.1(a)]
European Lawyers who want to be registered as gaiben face problems with very cumbersome and 
lengthy application procedure and the condition of 3 years working experience in home law of which 
two years have to be obtained outside Japan. This rule does not apply to Japanese lawyers who are 
not required to have any post qualification experience. Furthermore, temporary stay for European 
lawyers is conditioned upon a residency requirment of 180 days per year. This is a very high number 
of days for a ‘temporary’ service provider. To sum up, European lawyers and law companies do not 
face insurmountable limitations in Japan but there are certainly a number of issues which could 
improve. CCBE will contact the EU Chamber of Commerce/ European Business Council to see 
whether they are aware of any additional/new limitations for EU lawyers in Japan. 
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