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Art. 4.1(b)
Sent: Wednesday, February 17, 2016 8:46 AM 
Art. 4.1(b)
Art. 4.1(b)
Art. 4.1(b)
Art. 4.1(b)
Cc:  Art. 4.1(b)  (TRADE) 
Subject: Flash - meeting with Heineken on Myanmar 29.1.2016 
On 29 January 2016, Art. 4.1(b) ( Art. 4.1(b) , C1) and  Art. 4.1(b)  (B2) met Roland 
Verstappen, Global Director, Public and Governmental Affairs of Heineken, at his request, 
and discussed: 

Status of negotiations of the EU-Myanmar investment protection agreement (IPA) 

Benefits of the IPA: R. Verstappen argued that the IPA would not only benefit Heineken, 
but also other EU companies (e.g. business partners and others) that may want to invest 
in Myanmar and could therefore improve the general investment environment 

Outreach for the IPA: ways to inform existing and potential EU investors about Myanmar 
and the IPA (e.g. through EuroCham, business organisations, EU Delegation in Myanmar) 

SIA for the EU-Myanmar IPA: Heineken was not aware of the SIA, but was going to 
respond to the stakeholder questionnaire (sent to R. Verstappen after the meeting). 

Heineken's activities in Myanmar:  
o  brewery has been operating for a year now, without major difficulties to be 
reported, except for the more general concern about the state of the 
infrastructure in Myanmar.  
o  Heineken's CSR/RBC activities in Myanmar include working with farmers that 
supply the brewery (barley is still being imported from abroad), renewable 
energies (Heineken has three solar-powered plants, one of which is in 
Singapore), reduction of water consumption, education on responsible drinking. 

Heineken's presence in other ASEAN countries, in particular Vietnam (significant 
operations), Malaysia (presence) and Singapore (through Tiger beer), but also prospects 
in the Philippines (
Art. 4.2 first indent 
) and  Art. 4.2 first indent 
Art. 4.1(b)