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Ref. Ares(2017)3876277 - 02/08/2017
FW: 19/09/2012 CBI Round Table 
CBI (Confederation of British Industry) Round Table Meeting - 
19/09/2012, 12:00-13:00 
, CBI introduced the 
meeting which was intended as an opportunity for CBI members to further discuss the 
draft Regulation.  
 addressed the CBI members on the main objectives and measures of the 
proposed Regulation with a particular focus on the areas of concerns raised by CBI in 
their February Position Paper (right to be forgotten, data portability, fines, subject access 
requests, DPOs) (for detailed points see Briefing). 
 underlined that the aim was 
to reach political agreement at the end of the Irish Presidency and pointed to COM's 
openness to further discuss various provisions in order to fine-tune/clarify them.  
CBI members raised a series of questions targeting inter alia the coverage of the right to 
data portability, the right to be forgotten, the definition of ‘’personal data’’, the advent 
of the cloud and the DPOs.  
CBI acknowledged that their February Position Paper was an initial reaction where not all 
the issues were completely thought through and that they were willing to engage in a 
positive manner and with concrete drafting suggestions. 
 indicated openness 
to further examine the specific issues of CBI members. 
Policy Officer  
European Commission - DG Justice 
Unit C3_ Data Protection 
B-1049 Brussels, Belgium 

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