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FW: Data protection: Flash: Data Protection Day 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark, 
Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2015 6:45 PM 
Subject: Data protection: Flash: Data Protection Day 2015, Copenhagen, 
Denmark, 28/1/2015 
I participated in the Danish Data Protection Day 2015, the 
„Databeskyttelsesdagen 2015“, a private Danish initiative (see agenda 
attached, and 
The conference took place in the Christiansborg Palace (Seat of the 
Parliament) on 28/1/2015, with ca. 160 participants, which is a good 
number for Denmark, and representing a wide range of sectors, business, 
academics and government officials. 
The conference and speeches took place in Danish, except for a 
presentation on “open data” and my presentation (in English). 
My presentation focused on the latest state of play of the EU’s data 
protection reform, by giving an update on what has happened after my 
last year’s presentation, in particular on the EP’s first reading position and 
the Council’s three PGA’s. No debate took place afterwards. 
 Danish Data Protection Supervisory 
Authority, gave an overview of her office’s activity, focussing on data 
breach issues. 
(University of Copenhagen) remarks on the reform 
were milder, he raised in particular the upcoming changes for the Danish 
Data Protection Authority due to a possible lack in enforcement capacity, 
and as regards administrative fines - currently they can fine up to a 
maximum of 15000 DKK = 2000 EUR (the reform would bring this up to 1 
Mio EUR (COM proposal), or 100 Mio (EP

This was a useful conference to attend, not only in number of outreach to 
participants but also in terms of clear interest in the „view from Brussels“.  
People seemed genuinely interested in my presence, and my 
explanations, in particular about the possibility in the future to maintain 
sector specific national data protection laws (“flexibility for the public 
sector”) which is a big issue for Denmark. 
Special thanks go again to 
 from the COM representation 
in Copenhagen who greatly helped me not only with all practical 
arrangements for this trip, but also with much needed interpretation from 
Danish during the conference.  
Please do not hesitate to get back to me if you have further questions. 
Mit freundlichen Grüßen | Sincerely yours  
Europäische Kommission | European Commission  

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