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Issue 1, 5 April 2017 
MB reviews EBA relocation 
high level plans 

In its meeting yesterday, the Management Board 
discussed a document that summarises the main 
considerations related to the EBA relocation in 
anticipation of UK’s departure from the EU.  
Read the document 
Brexit: what are the latest developments? 
The UK triggered Article 50 on 29 March 2017. 
We have compiled some official documents 
published so as to provide you a background to 
the forthcoming negotiations. 
 Read Theresa May’s letter triggering Article 
50 and the response from the European 
 The UK published a white paper setting out its proposals for ensuring the functioning 
statute book once it has left the EU. 
 The European Parliament presented a draft resolution on the Brexit negotiations, 
which will be voted today. 
 Here is a Q&A and a timeline from the European Commission about Brexit. 
You can also find these documents on the intranet. 
Questions about relocation? 
The Staff Committee will collect the questions from the staff regarding the relocation of 
the EBA and direct them to the most appropriate person to answer. The Q&A will be 
then published on the intranet and in future issues of the staff newsletter. Please send 
your queries to xxx@xxx.xxxxxx.xx