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Document 14
Ref. Ares(2018)1451479 - 16/03/2018
Draft Agenda  
14th Trilogue on Organic Farming 
15.00- 18.30 room ASP5G2 
European Parliament 
I. List of points to be adopted without discussion (A points)
II. Discussion on draft compromise texts on the following issues :
1) greenhouses
Discussion based on the compromise texts circulated on 2/12 
2) derogations, data collection, ending of derogations (art 35)
Discussion based on the compromise texts circulated on 2/12 
3) pesticides
Discussion based on the compromise texts circulated on 2/12 
4) seeds
Discussion based on the compromise texts circulated on 2/12 
III. Identification of remaining political issues and possible solutions
IV orientation table for outstanding structure issues (IA/DA issues)