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Document 6
Ref. Ares(2018)1450040 - 16/03/2018
Draft Agenda for the 6th trilogue on organic farming 
Thursday 12 May 2016 
Room: Louise Weiss (S4.1) (European Parliament-Strasbourg
Linguistic regime: DE, FR, EN, ES, 
09.00 hrs - 12.00 hrs: TRILOGUE 
1. Introduction
2. Block 7 (controls) together with Block 5 (precautionary measures/non
authorised substances)

- examination of a non-paper circulated on 7 April + remaining articles from
block 7 (art 24 and 24a (EP), art 25, art 26, art 26d (EP), art 26e (CSL) together 
with Article 20b (EP), art 44, Annexes Va to Vf (EP), + relevant definitions 
- Examination of the following articles from block 5 (Article 20, Article 20a
(EP), Article 20c (EP)) + relevant definitions 
3. Block 3 (specific production rules)
- Structure of the future regulation as regard the distribution of DA/IA/co-
decision in Art 10-15; 
- Case of seeds and remaining issues from articles 10 and 11 (and relevant
- Examination of the following articles from block 3 (Article 11 and Annex
II Part I, Article 13 and Annex II Part IV, Art. 14 and Annex II Part V, Art 15 and 
Annex II Part VI, Articles 16 and 17, + Article 19) and relevant definitions 
(To be noted that article 12 and its relevant annex will be discussed at the 
trilogue on 26 May) 

4. Summary of trilogue and next steps