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Document 9
Ref. Ares(2018)1450160 - 16/03/2018
III. Agenda
Draft Agenda for the 9th trilogue on organic farming 
16 June 2016 
Room: (50.4 (JL) - Council) 
Linguistic regime: DE, FR, EN, ES, 
9.00 - 12.30 : TRILOGUE 
1. Introduction
2. Block 5 (precautionary measures/non-authorised substances)
- Remaining issues, based on the consolidated non-paper as modified after
the drafting group on 14 June. This text covers articles 20 of COM, 20a EP
(AM 198), 20b EP (AM 199), 20c EP (AM 199) and 26e GA.
3. Block 7 (controls)
- Remaining issues, based on the consolidated non-paper modified after the
drafting group on 14 June. This text covers articles 23aEP(AM 214),  26aGA,
26aEP (AM 226), 26bEP (AM 227), 26cEP (AM 228), 26dEP (AM 229),
Chapter VaGA
- Remaining issues on Articles 24, 24a EP, 25 and 26, based on the updated 4
column document, following the drafting group of 14 June (e.g. unpacked
products/prepacked products, group of operators, IA/DA)
- Remaining issues on the Annexes Va, Vc, Vd (role, content and title of
Annex Vd, alternative text to be made by EP on Annex Va and Vc)
- Relevant definitions to block 7 (group of operators, prepacked food, articles
3 (7)/ 3(43g)
4. Block 3 - Structure
- Discussion on a working method for how to deal with the distribution of
IA/DA/co-decision (articles 10 to 15 and their annexes)
5. Summary of trilogue and next steps