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Document 8
Ref. Ares(2018)1450127 - 16/03/2018
Draft Agenda for the 8th trilogue on organic farming 
Thursday 9 June May 2016 
Room: S4.1 (Strasbourg) 
Linguistic regime: DE, FR, EN, ES, 
09.00-12.00: TRILOGUE 
1. Introduction
2. Block 7 - Controls
Controls part I after 
- Draft compromise as updated after Trilogue 7 26 May
+ Corresponding  definitions: Article 3 points (32) to (35a) (= A points)
- Articles 24-26 + corresponding annexes + definitions related to Article 25
(on the basis of 4 column document(s) as updated following drafting group 03/06) 
3. Precautionary measures /presence of non-authorised products and

- Draft compromise on precautionary measures outcome of drafting group
Draft compromise 
30 May 
precautionary measures_outcome drafting group 30 May.docx
- Suggested Commission provision on obligations of operators in case of
Provision to be 
suspicion of non compliance  inserted in Article xxx concerning suspicion.doc
4. Summary of trilogue and next steps