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RE: Art 29  of NFR-penalties 
Further to the email below, please note that the penalties applicable to infringements of the provisions 
of the new NF Regulation are those as given in the Food Safety Act of 2002 (CAP 449) link:  
Part V – Legal Proceedings 
Article 43 – Offences and Penalties 
(1) A person found guilty of an offence against article 31 shall be liable, on conviction, to a fine 
(multa) of not less than four hundred and sixty-five euro and eighty-seven cents (465.87) and not 
exceeding two thousand and three hundred and twenty-nine euro and thirty-seven cents 
(2,329.37) or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or to both such fine and 
(2)  A person found guilty of a second or subsequent conviction shall be liable, on conviction, to 
a fine (multa) of not less than two thousand and three hundred and twenty-nine euro and thirty-
seven cents (2,329.37) and not exceeding four thousand and six hundred and fifty-eight euro and 
seventy-five cents (4,658.75) or to imprisonment for a term of not less than one year and not 
exceeding two years or to both such fine and imprisonment. 
(3)  A person found guilty of any other offence against this Act shall be liable -   
(a)  on conviction for a first offence to a fine (multa) of not less than four hundred and 
sixty-five euro and eighty-seven cents (465.87) and not exceeding four thousand and 
six hundred and fifty-eight euro and seventy-five cents  (4,658.75)  or  to  
imprisonment  for  a  term not exceeding  two  years  or  to  both  such  fine  and 
(b) on  conviction  for  a  subsequent  offence,  to  a  fine (multa) of not less than one 
thousand and one hundred and  sixty-four  euro  and  sixty-nine  cents  (1,164.69) and not 
exceeding eleven thousand and six hundred and forty-six euro and eighty-seven cents 
(11,646.87) or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding four years or to both such fine 
and imprisonment 

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