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Briefing - Vice-President Andrus Ansip and Barry O’Sullivan, 2 
February 2018 

Professor O'Sullivan gave a briefing to Vice-President Ansip on Artificial Intelligence on 2 
February 2018. Marie Frenay, CAB-Ansip, also attended the briefing, as well as 
, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, European Commission.  
Professor O'Sullivan serves as Director of the Insight Centre for Data Analytics in the 
Department of Computer Science at University College Cork. At UCC he holds the Chair of 
Constraint Programming. He served as Head of Department from September 2012 to August 
Professor O'Sullivan was elected a Fellow of EurAI, the European Association for Artificial 
Intelligence (EurAI), and a Senior Member of AAAI, the Association for the Advancement of 
Artificial Intelligence, in 2012. In 2014 he was elected to the board of EurAI in 2014, and was 
elected its Deputy President in August 2016. 
He frequently gives invited talks at academic and industry conferences, and has spoken at 
the United Nations Headquarters in New York on artificial intelligence, and data analytics, 
with applications to sustainable development. 
[note – update 17/09/2018: as of July 2018 Prof. O’Sullivan is the President of EurAI. He is 
also a vice chair of the European Commission High-level Expert Group on AI] 

Outline of the briefing: 
- what is AI generally 
- what’s the relationship between AI, Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning 
- what’s different about ML and the notion of black box algorithms 
- just a brief fun historical connection from Europe-China-Canada AI 
- AI successes from Deep Blue to the self-driving car 
- 100 year vision for AI 
- Bias in AI 
- AI and GDPR 
- AI and Ethics 
Full presentation is attached. 
Tweet published after the briefing: EU/status/959506637257093120