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Subject: FLASH: meeting HoC Mia Åsenius and Eli Lilly  [Art 4.1(b)]
Today Head of Cabinet Ms Åsenius met the  [Art  of Eli Lilly (a multinational pharmaceutical 
company) Mr  [Art 4.1(b)]  (
[Art 4.1(b)]

The main subject of the meeting was the EU-US trade relations, with a specific focus on the
intellectual property (IP). Overall, the pharma industry is one of the main advocates for a 
stronger EU-US cooperation.
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[Art 4.1(b)]
hlighted that the pharma industry has one main interest in trade 
agreements – a strong IP chapter. Therefore, an EU-US agreement should also have such a 
chapter. Ms Åsenius explained that it is not foreseen to re-start TTIP negotiations and an 
agreement of more restricted scope would have more chances of being agreed.
The rest of the document is redacted as out of scope

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