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Ref. Ares(2019)4087240 - 27/06/2019
Meeting on e-evidence framework principles between CAB Avramopoulos and Microsoft, Le Berlaymont, 30 
June, 2017 
Participants: Giorgos Rossides – CAB Avramopoulos, 
 – Microsoft, 
 – Microsoft, 
 – DG HOME D.4 
COM (CAB Avramopoulos) shortly explained the state of the play of the process to Microsoft 
Microsoft position: 

Agrees, that the EU is in a best position to address the issues at stake. Supports the work in general 

Microsoft has concerns about extraterritorial actions by the Member States. It wants a system that 
can work. A common EU position is desired. 

Another concern is lawful access to data that would give disincentives to businesses using cloud 
computing. The digital economy aspect should also be highlighted in the process. There are 
governments and international organisations that would like to move their data to the cloud, and the 
main concern is that they don't know who gets access to it 

Microsoft strongly supports the SPOCs established in Member States. Each country should have one 

Production requests should be addressed directly to data controllers. It is an issue of clarity 

Also the territorial aspect should be taken into account – Microsoft does not want new conflicts of 
law, in particular with the US 
COM explained that these issues will be taken under prominent consideration. COM explained that the project 
is focused mainly on the following questions: 

How does the EIO work as regards electronic evidence  

How could it be stepped up 

The international aspect 

Cooperation with the private sector 
Microsoft explained the US legal proposal in relation to electronic evidence and the current state of the play of 
the Microsoft Ireland case. They are expecting to know by the fall whether the Supreme Court is going to take 
the case. However, Microsoft does not see the outcome of the case as a solution even if the court would rule 
for the government. A legislative solution is needed. 
COM advised Microsoft to continue the constructive cooperation with COM and advised them to stay in 
contact also with CABs Jourova and King as well as the Parliament. 
Microsoft concluded that they would like to have a clean legislative solution that would be beneficial for both 
the Member States and private entities.