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Flash report: meeting 9/2/2017 Act Alliance 
Meeting on 9 February 2017 with Act Alliance 
Particpants COM: 

 (AGRI), Act Alliance: 
, and 
, Norwegian Church Aid (a member of Act 
[Erroneously the document mentions the Norwegian Church Aid, but the participant is representing the Danish Church Aid]
Meeting at the request of Act Alliance. They presented the humanitarian work of the NGOs in Palestine 
and especially with respect to the wine industry including the problems it is facing. Two issues were 
mentioned: mislabeling of wine from Israeli settlements and certification for Palestinian wine. 
Following an internet research they found that several brands of wine for sale in FR and BE retail chains 
originate from Israeli settlements (Golan Heights and West Bank) but were labelled as "Product of 
Israel". The COM took note of the information and explained that implementation of the consumer 
protection legislation and the interpretative notice is with MS authorities. The COM also explained that 
wine form the settlement would pay MFN duty and not benefit from a preferential tariff treatment 
under the EU-Israel Association agreement. 
Export of Palestinian wine is facing some challenges. One issue is the certification needed for the VI1 
certificate and the question of which laboratory can certify, apparently currently all in Israel that makes 
it difficult for them to obtain. The Palestinian Authority had been in touch with COM in this respect. Act 
Alliance will send more technical details.  
Furthermore they suggested COM to include a reference to the indicative notice on indication of origin in 
the Export Helpdesk as well as publish on the COM website the business advisory. 
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