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Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2012 11:30:45 +0000
Subject: Internal review of access to information request - Commissioner Rehn and his staff and private sector lobbies
From: Olivier Hoedeman <[FOI #71 email]>
To: [email address]

Dear Economic and Financial Affairs (ECFIN),

on August 7th I received a letter from Timo Pesonen, who mentioned
that DG ECFIN would send me a reply "as regards correspondence and
meetings between their staff and provate sector companies". I have
still not received this reply and would therefore like to remind
you of my request. On 25th May DG ECFIN sent me a number of
documents related to the Troika's meetings with banks and companies
in Ireland - but nothing related to Greece and Portugal, nor any
other documents.

For your information, Mr. Pesonen responded to me regarding the
part of my access-request that is about Vice-President Rehn's
meetings with private sector companies and lobby groups.

Yours faithfully,

Olivier Hoedeman

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Dear Mr Hoedeman,


Thank you for your request of 20 February for access to certain
pursuant to Regulation EC/1049/2001.


Please find in attachment the reply of DG Ecfin.


Yours faithfully,


Christophe Houyoux



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