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Ref. Ares(2020)3380274 - 29/06/2020
BTO CAB meeting with Google, 4 May 2020
-          Participants :
o   EC: Filomena Chirico (CAB Breton), 
 (CAB Vestager), Christiane Canenbly
(CAB Vestager), 
-          Google : 

Main points discussed:
- COVID contact tracing: Google and Apple are about to publish the terms of service for the
API enabling apps by health authorities to carry out contract tracing. Google should not store
any data; important that this is fully privacy-preserving, to enable take-up. Google will not
develop an app itself.
- Disinformation: Google welcomes the continuation of the Code on disinformation. Covid-
related intervention has been trial and error, initially banning all ads related to COVID. Ad
moderation is conducted now by workers connected remotely, some challenges for the
- Artificial Intelligence: Google welcomes the principles in the AI White Paper and supports
regulation in this field, but discussed the general application of some of them, not least to
strike a balance in facilitating innovation while mitigating risks. The costs of not having AI
should be taken into account as well as the probability of harm. The benchmark can't be
perfection.  One needs to explore the tension between safeguards and efficiency. Also ,
human in the loop obligation and explainability requirements might come as a trade-off with
the accuracy of a system on some applications. Data retention issues need more calibration
to be privacy preserving; a more consistent approach is to audit outcomes rather than
- Digital Services Act: Google welcomes regulation both in relation to content rules and ex
ante rules for fairness on platform markets. Important to preserve the main principles of the
E-Commerce Directive (country of origin, liability exemption and incentives for voluntary
action); notice and action mechanisms are useful. Important to distinguish between different
types of services - e.g. search engines different in nature from regular hosting services,
whereas ads-related services need to be more accountable, where money is made by the
platform (e.g. verification of advertisers)
- General openness to facilitate discussions with Google engineers in consulting on the
specifics of the initiatives and past experiences in Google.