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Annex 4
Ref. Ares(2018)5164050 - 08/10/2018
MICHOU Paraskevi (HOME); 
; ROSSIDES Giorgos (CAB-
MUSCHEL Laurent (HOME); 
report Europol MB - 3 October 
Item 01_972898v2-Agenda 3 October 2018 MB meeting (2).DOC 
Dear all, 
As per subject. 
Report – 108th Europol Management Board, 3 October 2018 - The Hague 
The Europol MB was held in the Hague on 3 October (agenda attached). Commission 
was represented by L. Muschel (Director Dir D). 
 and the undersigned 
also attended. 
Despite a full agenda, most of the day was hostage of discussions on the participation of 
a representative of the Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group (JPSG) to the MB meetings 
and of other administrative (HR) discussions. 
Below most salient points. 
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•  Under Information Management Europol presented (i) its Core Systems Report, (ii) 
the latest developments on QUEST search system interface and (iii) Analytical 
Capabilities Evolution by July 2018. Europol reported on the last meeting of the 
Information Management Working group (IMWG) and, in reply to DE concerns on 
the delivery of SIENA 4.0, Europol explained that delays are caused by the need to 
migrate to a new infrastructure. The plan (if budget allows) is however to present to 
the next IMWG the rollout plan for SIENA 4.0, which will be tested as from January. 
On SIENA EU Confidential, Europol will develop a tool, as requested by MSs, which  
will allow to perform searches and will improve user interface. On the Europol’s 
Analysis System Project, the agency referred to the performance issues with 
Palantir, and informed that a new in house system will be developed, tailored on 
Europol’s needs.  DE was sceptical and asked about costs and resources implications 
of the in house solution. BE noted that this is Europol core business.  Europol 
reacted to reassure MB members.  
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I take the occasion to thank all the colleagues who contributed to the preparatory work. 
Do not hesitate to get back to me to receive documents or further details. 
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