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From: RUUTU Olli  
Sent: Monday, 31 August 2020 16:47 
To: Jorge Domecq Fdez Bobadilla 
Subject: RE: Request on occupational activity 
Dear Jorge, 
Thank you for the email of this morning and for providing the additional information we required.  
There is just one important aspect still to be clarified relating to your formal employment status with Airbus. As you know, the EDA Staff Regulations foresee a prior 
authorisation of post-employment activities, which means that the authorisation should be granted before the former staff member engages in the new activity. 
In your request for authorisation form you indicated the expected starting date as “16-08-2020” and in your email of today you clarify that  “As regards my new position , I 
wish to confirm that I have already signed a contract entering into force as announced on 17/8. However , I will only take over my functions as of 1/9.”
 Could you please 
clarify whether this ‘entering into force’ entails the receipt of emoluments as of 17/08/2020 with actual taking up of duties on 01/09/2020? 
In light of the above, please note that engaging in gainful employment without prior authorisation would represent a breach of the Staff Regulations. We will of course 
convey your information and our preliminary assessment to the Head of Agency without any delay but, as you can understand, a final decision today is not possible.  
I remain available for any questions you might have. 
Kind regards, 
From: Jorge Domecq Fdez Bobadilla <
Sent: Monday, 31 August 2020 10:22 
To: RUUTU Olli 



Subject: Request on occupational activity 
Dear Olli,  
Thanks for  getting back to me after your message of 31 /7 in which you   already asked for further information on my 
request for occupational activity and excuse me for only replying now ,. The month of August has delayed my response due 
to  the holiday season in which the people responsible in Airbus have been on leave. 
 As regards my new position , I wish to confirm  that   I have already signed a contract entering into force as announced on 
17/8. However , I will only take over my functions as of 1/9. 
 Now,  please allow me to reply to your specific questions : 
Detailed description of your duties and responsibilities in your intended position, including specific indication of where these duties may overlap the duties you held as 
EDA Chief Executive; 
       Elaboration and proposal to Division or Central Functions of Group level lobbying plans based upon Division & Group policy priorities and tailored to 
the country including specific lobbying strategies for hot topics
       Advisory role and organization/coordination or lobby campaigns 
       Information and monitoring of public stakeholders policies, regulatory environment, institutional budgets and financial support 
       Senior company expertise to adapt Divisions messages and propose to Divisions or Corporate functions to "push" to public stakeholders 
       Gate keeper for relationships with top level Public counterparts for the data-to-day operations 
       Development/improvements of lines to take where needed to optimize impact with political counterparts. 
       Support to Divisions as needed for technical or expert contacts 
       Closely interface with Divisions senior country representatives 
 All these functions are directly related to Spain only, not to any other country or the EU.  
 As for my function as  Strategy Advisor of Airbus Defence and Space, I will contribute with my experience to the analysis 
and  definition of guidelines of action for the strategy  that will be approved by the leadership of the global group in all 
areas, worldwide as well as NATO, EU or individual countries in Europe or beyond. This does NOT entail lobbying activities 

in any case towards  the EU institutions and bodies which are the sole responsability of the Public Affairs office of Airbus in 
With respect to your request for authorisation in which you indicate that:  
          the organisation for which you intend to work has direct or indirect commercial, financial or contractual links (including grants) with the Commission and EDA. Please 
specify these links;  
Airbus has a well known track record of relations with EU institutions and bodies, in the implementation of contracts and 
receiving funds and applying for them via the different EU programs , in accordance with the EU applicable rules ( SESAR, 
Galileo, Copernicus, H2020 , PADR, EDIDP, EDA ad hoc projects… etc)  
 o    during your work at EDA, you had direct or indirect relations of an institutional nature with the organisation for which you wish to work.  Please specify these direct 
or indirect institutional relations; 
As for any other EU company part of the EDTIB that had a stake and interest in European Defence  during my tenure as EDA 
CE I met and discussed with Airbus senior management  strategy , policy and projects relevant to the European Defence. I 
never discussed or entertained any discussion related to specific call for proposals or bids in  the EU context in which Airbus 
had or could have a direct interest in.  Furthermore, each time I met any company representatives I made sure that these 
matters would not be discussed.  You can check the minutes of these meetings to verify this aspect. 
          your new activity will have no direct or indirect links with EDA. Please specify how in your new role, including as Strategic Advisor to the CEO of Airbus (an 
organisation which, as you state, has direct or indirect commercial, financial or contractual links (including grants) with EDA) you will ensure that your new activity will 
have no direct or indirect links with EDA;   
Airbus has an office accredited to EU in Brussels who is responsible for all relations and activities related to EU, including 
EDA. My work as Head of Public Affairs is therefore limited to Spain. As Stategy Advisor of Airbus Defence and Space my 
work will be more in the policy domain, although I might have occasional contacts with senior representatives of other 
countries and organisation's ( including EU) beyond Spain  ,responsible for Defence and Space, in order to provide my input 
to designing the global strategy of the group but in no case will it entail any  link with EDA which is the responsibility of the 
aforementioned  Brussels office.   
Clear explanation of how you will ensure that the exercise of your new duties and responsibilities will not, or be perceived to, conflict with the legitimate interests of the 
Given the above distribution of responsibilities in Airbus , there will not be any activity that will or may appear to be 
considered as having a conflict of interests with my past responsibilities as EDA CE. If there were to be any  occasion in 

which this could be considered to be the case I would abstain from any action, including if this was the sole opinion of the 
EDA top management.   
I hope this clarifies all the points you have put forward for clarification before submitting my request to the approval of the 
Head of the Agency.  
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De: Jorge Domecq Fdez Bobadilla <

Fecha: vie., 28 ago. 2020 17:39 
Para: RUUTU Olli <

Asunto: Re: Request on occupational activity 
Dear Olli,  
 All well noted.  
I have requested this info several times from my new employer but August 
has been a bad month to do so.  
Although I will only take over my functions officially on 1/9 and therefore 
towards the outer world I take good note of my statuary obligations and 
I will revert to my employer and get back to you asap.  

Enviado desde mi teléfono Huawei 
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De: RUUTU Olli <
Fecha: vie., 28 ago. 2020 16:37 
Para: Jorge Domecq Fdez Bobadilla <

Asunto: RE: Request on occupational activity 
Dear Jorge,  
 Following on from my earlier e-mail of 31 July 2020, we 
would urgently need to receive the requested clarifications 
and additional information in order to assess your 
 In the information you provide please confirm whether 
you have indeed already signed an employment contract 
and what the effective starting date is.   
 This is particularly important because, as you know, prior 
authorisation by the AACC – in this case, the Head of 
Agency - is required under the EDA Staff Regulations 
before engaging in an occupational activity.   
 In order to allow us to conduct an assessment for the 
HoA’s decision, we would need the following information:  
 Detailed description of your duties and responsibilities in 
your intended position, including specific indication of 
where these duties may overlap the duties you held as 
EDA Chief Executive;   

With respect to your request for authorisation in 
which you indicate that:   
o    the organisation for which you intend to 
work has direct or indirect commercial, 
financial or contractual links (including grants) 
with the Commission and EDA. Please specify 
these links;  
o    during your work at EDA, you had direct or 
indirect relations of an institutional nature 
with the organisation for which you wish to 
work.  Please specify these direct or indirect 
institutional relations;  
o    your new activity will have no direct or 
indirect links with EDA. Please specify how in 
your new role, including as Strategic Advisor to 
the CEO of Airbus (an organisation which, as 
you state, has direct or indirect commercial, 
financial or contractual links (including grants) 
with EDA) you will ensure that your new 
activity will have no direct or indirect links 
with EDA;   
Clear explanation of how you will ensure that the 
exercise of your new duties and responsibilities 
will not, or be perceived to, conflict with the 
legitimate interests of the Agency.   
We would also like to take this opportunity to recall that in 
accordance with Article 18 of the EDA Staff Regulations 
senior members of staff are, in principle, prohibited, 
during the 12 months after leaving the service, from 
engaging in lobbying or advocacy vis-à-vis staff of the 
Agency for their business, clients or employers on matters 

for which they were responsible during their last three 
years in the service.   
I remain available should you have any questions 
regarding the above.   
Kind regards,   
 From: Jorge Domecq Fdez Bobadilla 
Sent: Friday, 31 July 2020 18:59 
To: RUUTU Olli <
Subject: Re: Request on occupational activity 
 Dear Olli,   
Good to hear from you.   
I will discuss with my employer and get back to you asap 
notwithstanding the bad timing with the Summer break.  
Possibly not in time for the date of starting my new 
Enviado desde mi teléfono Huawei 
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De: RUUTU Olli <

Fecha: vie., 31 jul. 2020 12:57 
Asunto: Request on occupational activity 
Dear Jorge, 
 I hope this message finds you well.   
 We have received your request for 
authorisation to engage in an occupational 
activity after leaving EDA.  
 We are currently examining the request 
and will need to refer it to the Head of 
Agency under whose remit this decision 
falls as per Council Decision 2015/1835, in 
particular Articles 7(2) and 10(1).  
 While we will process the request as 
promptly as possible, we will not be in a 
position to revert with a decision before 
the proposed starting date. In view of 
supporting the assessment from your side, 
and to facilitate and expedite the process, 
it would be useful if you already provided 
additional information on your foreseen 
role at Airbus, notably on how you would 
concretely avoid potential (perceived) 
conflicts of interest between your previous 
and intended future roles. This will be 
necessary for processing the request 
conclusively in due course. 

 I wish you a good summer and look 
forward to returning to the issue as soon 
as possible.  
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