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Sent: Friday, April 16, 2021 10:47 AM
Subject: Follow-up to our exchange - Green Deal - Air France KLM
Dear Mr. Samsom,
As a follow-up from the very rich exchange 
and myself had with you
and your team on 31 March, for which we would like to thank you again, we have put
together a few elements which I hope you will find of interest.
The attached presentation:
·       Shows that air transport is one of the industries most affected by carbon leakage;
·       Provides an illustration of competition distortion induced by potential EU
·       Provides a case analysis of fuel tankering;
·       Gives a tentative example of how, in the absence of a CBAM, free allowances
could be maintained in order to limit the effects of carbon leakage.
On fuel tankering, please also find below further explanations based on the example of
the Istanbul-Madrid route.
Finally, we would like to stress again that in relation to carbon leakage and distortion of
competition, comprehensive air transport agreements are in our view a key issue, as
they currently contain very little in terms of environmental provisions. We hope that this
could change in the future.
We remain of course at your disposal and that of your team for any questions or
comments, and look forward to continuing the conversation in the weeks ahead.

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