Access to full length contract for the following tender: 2012/S 223-366457

The request was partially successful.

Dear Development & Cooperation - EuropeAid (DEVCO),

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as
developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting documents which
contain the following information:

The full length contract including descriptions and annexes of the
tender awarded under the following title:
BD-Dhaka: technical assistance to 'Promote access to land in Bangladesh' programme
OJEU: 2012/S 223-366457

To tender: NIRAS A/S.
Sortemosevej 19, 3450 Alleroed, DENMARK.
Official name of others; nationality of others:
1. NIRAS Finland Oy; Finland.
2. NIRAS Natura AB; Sweden.
3. FM-International Oy Finnmap; Finland.
4. P.D.P Australia Pty Ltd; Australia.

Yours faithfully,

Anders Pedersen
The Hague

International Partnerships

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Dear Mr Pedersen,
I hereby acknowledge receipt of your request for access to
documents dated 09/12/2012, registered on 10/12/2012 under the reference
GESTDEM 2012/5786.
In accordance with Regulation 1049/2001 regarding public access to
European Parliament, Council and Commission documents, you will receive a
response to your request within 15 working days (10/01/2013).

Yours sincerely,
Cellule 'Accès aux documents'
European Commission
SG/B/5 - Transparence

BERL 05/330
B-1049 Brussels/Belgium
+32 2 296 09 97
[1][email address]

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International Partnerships

Dear Sir,


We refer to your e-mail dated 09/12/2012 in which you make a request for
access to documents, registered on 10/12/2012 under the above mentioned
reference number.


Your application is currently being handled. However, we will not be in a
position to complete the handling of your application within the time
limit of 15 working days, which expires on 10/01/2013.

An extended time limit is needed as your application refers to a document
which is not available at the Head Quarters of the European Commission but
at the Delegation of the European Union to Bangladesh, besides, your
request coincided with the closing period for the annual budget,
circumstance which has prevented the Delegation from proceeding to a
complete analysis of the initial document within the initial delay of 15


Therefore, we have to extend the time limit with 15 working days in
accordance with Article 7(3) of Regulation (EC) No 1049/2001 regarding
public access to documents. The new time limit expires on 31/01/2012.


We apologise for this delay and for any inconvenience this may cause.


Yours faithfully,


Cristina González Casal



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     This is a request for access to information under Article 15 of the

     TFEU and, where applicable, Regulation 1049/2001 which has been

     sent via the website.


     Please kindly use this email address for all replies to this

     request: [4][FOI #293 email]


     If [5][email address] is the wrong address for information

     requests to Development & Cooperation - EuropeAid (DEVCO), please

     tell the team on email [6][email address]


     This message and all replies from Development & Cooperation -

     EuropeAid (DEVCO) will be published on the website.

     For more information see our dedicated page for EU public officials

     at [7]




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