Answer of EDPS regarding the letter of PI dated 19 October 2021

The request was successful.

Dear European Data Protection Supervisor,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting documents which contain the following information:

- Answer of the EDPS towards the letter of Privacy International (PI), dated 19 october 2021 which can be found here:

Yours faithfully,

European Data Protection Supervisor

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Dear Mr Roth,

We acknowledge receipt of your request, registered on 24.01.2022. In
accordance with Article 7(1) of Regulation (EU) No 1049/2001 regarding
public access to European Parliament, Council and Commission documents,
you will receive a reply within 15 working days (by 14.02.2022).

Your case number is 2022-0095.

Please note that your personal data will only be processed for the
purposes of replying to your request and in accordance with the privacy
statement set out below. More information on how the EDPS process personal
information can be found on our [1]website.

You have lodged your application via the website. Please note
that this is a private website which has no link with any institution of
the European Union. The European Data Protection Supervisor is not
accountable for any technical issues or problems linked to the use of this

Yours sincerely,


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This email (and any attachment) may contain information that is internal or confidential. Unauthorised
access, use or other processing is not permitted. If you are not the intended recipient please inform the
sender by reply and then delete all copies. Emails are not secure as they can be intercepted, amended, and
infected with viruses. The EDPS therefore cannot guarantee the security of correspondence by email.


According to Articles 15 and 16 of Regulation (EU) 2018/1725 (the Regulation) on the protection of natural
persons with regard to the processing of personal data by the Union institutions, bodies, offices and
agencies and on the free movement of such data, we are processing your personal data, where proportionate and
necessary, for the purpose of answering your request. The legal base for this processing operation is
Regulation (EU) 1049/2001 and Article 52(4) of the Regulation (EU) 2018/1725. Subject to applicable rules
under EU legislation, the personal data relating to you, as provided in your request as well as personal data
that might be collected while processing your request, are used solely for the purpose of replying to your
request. EDPS staff members dealing with the request will have access to the case file containing your
personal data on a need-to-know basis. All access to case files is logged. Your personal data are not
disclosed outside the EDPS. Your personal data will be stored electronically for a maximum of ten years after
the closure of the case, or as long as the EDPS is under a legal obligation to do so. You have the right to
access your personal data held by the EDPS and to relevant information concerning how we use it. You have the
right to rectify your personal data. Under certain conditions, you have the right to ask that we delete your
personal data or restrict its use. We will consider your request, take a decision and communicate it to you.
For more information, please see Articles 14 to 21, 23 and 24 of the Regulation. Please note that in some
cases restrictions under Article 25 of the Regulation may apply. Any request to exercise your rights should
be addressed to the EDPS at [9][EDPS request email]. You may contact the data protection officer of the EDPS
([10][email address]), if you have any remarks or complaints regarding the way we process your
personal data. You have the right to lodge a complaint with the EDPS, as supervisory authority. Any such
request should be addressed to the EDPS at [11][EDPS request email]. You can reach the EDPS in the following
ways: E-mail: [12][EDPS request email]; EDPS postal address: European Data Protection Supervisor, Rue Wiertz
60, B-1047 Brussels, Belgium. For more information, please refer to the extended version of the data
protection notice available on the EDPS website:






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European Data Protection Supervisor

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Dear Mr Roth,


Please find enclosed a letter (+ annex) to your attention electronically
signed by Mr Leonardo Cervera Navas on the above-mentioned subject.


Best regards,


  EDPS Secretariat

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Dear European Data Protection Supervisor,

thank you for your support!

Yours sincerely,