Budget breakdown EU Electoral Observation Mission in Haiti

European External Action Service has replied saying you have to contact another public body.

Evert-Jan Brouwer

Dear European External Action Service,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting documents which contain the following information:

- The official EU Decision to send an EU Electoral Observation Mission to Haiti for the election process 2015-2016
- The official budget that has been allocated by the European Union to finance the expenses of the Observation Mission, with a breakdown for different categories of expenses (e.g. logistics, technical training, accommodation, expenditures for accommodating the stay of the Members of the European Parliament in Haiti)
- The extra expenditures by the EU Electoral Observation Mission because of the delays in the electoral process in Haiti and - as a consequences - the prolonged stay of the mission in the country
- All documents that have been shared by EEAS/EC with the European Parliament in relation to the Electoral Observation Mission to Haiti
- The official EU Decision to give support to the elections in Haiti 2015-2016 via the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), with the total amount in Euros and a breakdown in categories of expenditures (e.g. technical equipment and logistical support, consultancies, information campaigns etc.)

Yours faithfully,

Evert-Jan Brouwer
Coordination Europe-Haiti

EEAS ACCESS TO DOCUMENTS, European External Action Service

Dear Mr Brouwer,


This message is an acknowledgement of receipt for your request for access
to documents under Regulation 1049/2001 regarding public access to
European Parliament, Council and Commission documents (which the EEAS is
also respecting).


Your request for access to documents has been registered under reference
number: 2016/068

Please refer to this number in any further correspondence.


In accordance with the Regulation, you will receive a reply within 15
working days: 4/8/2016.


Yours faithfully,



[1][email address]

SG.AFFGEN.2 – Parliamentary Affairs



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EEAS ACCESS TO DOCUMENTS, European External Action Service

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Dear Mr. Brouwer,

Please find attached the reply to your request for access to documents.

Yours faithfully,

[EEAS request email]
EEAS SG.AFFGEN.2 Parliamentary Affairs, including Transparency Team

Evert-Jan Brouwer


Thank you for the responses to my questions. For the answers to some of my questions you are referring me to the European Commission (DG DevCo). I will address my questions directly to them, as - apparently - you cannot pass them on to them.

One response raises a new question. Under (2) you are explaining that the EU Election Observation Mission in Haiti is 'independent from the European institutions' and that, upon your request, the Mission has replied that the questions about their budget and expenses cannot be answered, as this information is not for public circultation. This raises serious questions:
- if the mission is really independent from EU institutions, how can the EU account for the performance of its own mission in Haiti? To whom is the EU EOM then accountable?
- if the EU EOM makes use of European taxpayers money, how can they say that questions about their expenses cannot be answered since the information is not for public circulation?

I kindly ask the EEAS to respond to these follow-up questions.

Yours sincerely,

Evert-Jan Brouwer

EEAS ACCESS TO DOCUMENTS, European External Action Service

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Dear Mr Bouwer,

Please find below the reply to your enquiry.

"The EU Election Observation Mission (EOM) is independent in its findings and assessment that cannot be dictated by the EU institutions. Nevertheless, the EOM must operate in a strict methodological framework based on the EC policy document "Communication on Election Assistance and Observation" (attached).
The EEAS and the Foreign Policy Instrument of the EC (FPI5) follow the activity of the EOMs to ensure that they adhere to this methodological framework, which was the case of the EOM Haiti 2015.
As previously indicated, all questions regarding the budget and expenses of the EU EOM Haiti should be referred to FPI."

Yours faithfully,

[EEAS request email]
SG.AFFGEN.2 – Parliamentary Affairs