Contact with interest groups on Directive 2015/1513

The request was successful.

Dear European Parliament,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting documents which contain the following information:

1. Communication in the form of documents (agendas, meetings, minutes of meetings, lists of participants, etc.) between the ENVI committee and/or the other committees for opinion (ITRE, DEVE, INTA, IMCO, TRAN, REGI, AGRI) or its members and interest groups, as defined in the Transparency Register, regarding biofuels in relation to Directive 2015/1513.

2. Communication in the form of e-mail exchanges between rapporteurs LEPAGE Corinne (ALDE) and TORVALDS Nils (ALDE) and interest groups, as defined in the Transparency Register, regarding biofuels in relation to Directive 2015/1513.

The timeframe for my request is between 17/10/2012 and 09/09/2015.

I would prefer these items on a rolling basis, rather than waiting until the full response is ready.

Yours faithfully,

Marco Gilotto
Naamsestraat 40

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OUR REF A(2017)4377

Dear Mr Gilotto,

The European Parliament acknowledges receipt of your request under Regulation (EC) no 1049/2001, received on 4 April.
Parliament will reply within 15 working days. Please note in this respect that Parliament's administration is closed on 13, 14 and 17 April.

Best regards,

PRES | Directorate General for the Presidency
Directorate for Interinstitutional Affairs and Legislative Coordination

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OUT REF A(2017)4377

Dear Mr Gilotto,

In reply to your request concerning legislative procedure 2012/0288 (COD),
the following elements are provided:

- Procedure file (containing information on the different stages, dates of
events and links to documents of the procedure)  available on the
Legislative Observatory:

Dates in which the ENVI committee dealt in particular with the subject:

    + First reading:       6.5.2013 and 19.6.2013, adoption 11.7.2013

    + Second reading:  21.1.2015, adoption 24.2.2015

Minutes of parliamentary committee meetings are available on the public
register of Parliament's documents and include lists of participants:


It allows for a search by date and relevant committee, for instance ENVI

(7^th Parliamentary term)

(8^th Parliamentary Term)


- Moreover, the on-line multimedia library allows to watch the debates in
parliamentary committees and listen to the interventions of different
participants and stakeholders:



- In the particular case of your request, two specific committee events on
the subject (with participation of interest groups) are relevant:

     + 20 Feb. 2013 Workshop on Sustainable Biofuels: addressing indirect
land use change (ILUC)



     + 25 Jan. 2012 Workshop on Biofuels and indirect land use change



- As regards contacts (agendas, notes, e-mails) of individual MEPs with
interests groups, outside the parliamentary deliberations, please note
that Parliament does not hold any records of those contacts which are the
responsibility of the Members themselves.

However, information concerning the interests groups the rapporteur met in
the case of file 2012/0288 (COD) is included in the report tabled for
adoption in plenary:

See in annex the legislative footprint:


│ANNEX│[12] [13] [14]
│ │
│The rapporteur and/or her collaborators met with representatives from the following stakeholders during the preparation of this draft report: │
│ │
│Ethanol Europe, Neste Oil, Copa-Cogeca, Représentation Permanente de la France, Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI), Transport & Environment (T&E) - European Environmental Bureau (EEB) - Birdlife, │
│Oxfam - Peuples Solidaires - Réseau Action Climat (RAC), Association générale des producteurs de maïs (AGPM) - Association générale des producteurs de blé (AGPB) - Confédération Générale des Planteurs de │
│Betteraves (CGB), Sofiproteol, European Biodiesel Board (EBB), Représentation Permanente de la Grande-Bretagne, Greenpeace, TOTAL, Ambassade du Canada, Ambassade du Brésil, Représentation Permanente de la Suède,│
│ePure, IFPRI, Comité Economique et Social Européen, Action Aid, Exxon Mobil, Représentation Permanente de l'Irlande, UPM, Client Earth, Carlyle/Ensus, Novozymes, UNICA, DONG Danish Energy Association, European │
│Panel Federation (EPF) - European Confederation of Woodworking Industries (CEI-Bois), Pangea African Bioenergy Association, Scania, WWF, Food Drink Europe, Südzucker, Renault-PSA-Renault Trucks, Shell, European │
│Biomass Association (AEBIOM), st1 1st Biofuel, Conseil Européen des Fédérations de l'Industrie Chimique (CEFIC), Pannonia Ethanol, Arizona Chemical, Représentation Permanente du Danemark, Hart Energy, Carbon │
│Recycling International, Solvay, Preem, Europia, Lyondell, Boeing, Confederation of the French Pulp, Paper and Broad (COPACEL), GECAM │


Other elements relevant to the file:


- Stakeholder Consultations held by the European Commission


Other consultations in the field:

Impact assessment by the Commission introduced with the proposal:



- Parliaments briefings containing information on stakeholders positions:
EU biofuels policy - dealing with indirect land use change:

EP Initial appraisal of the European Commission’s Impact Assessment:

Further briefings on the issue published during the period in question:


We hope this information is useful to you. On this basis Parliament
considers your request has handled and the file closed. Do not hesitate to
introduce a new request in case you identify specific documents on the
basis of the elements provided.

Best regards



PRES | Directorate General for the Presidency

Directorate for Interinstitutional Affairs and
Legislative Coordination

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