Court & Police Corruption In 3 European Countries Who Investigates

European Anti-Fraud Office did not have the information requested.

Dear European Anti-Fraud Office,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting documents which contain the following information:

1 A What is the process for investigating Court & police corruption when your force is involved and a chief inspector is involved professional standards are involved or not investigating as well as the police and crime commissioner being involved as well. ?

1 B What is the process for investigating Court & police corruption when a nother force is involved and a chief inspector. ?

1 c What is the process for investigating police corruption when the ipcc independent police complaints uk hasnt investigated properly or has members who are a part of the corruption or has investigated but wont accept the evidence ?.

1 D What is the process for investigating police corruption at senior level for eg the chief inspector when uk police the local uk authorities for eg the council and 2 police forces in europe and both the uk and european justice systems are involved.

1 e What is the process for investigating police corruption when the iopc independent office for police conduct isnt got the powers or remit to investigate a corruption case and involves european police justice and health officers.

2 Who can send a report to the national crime agency to investigate serious crime or interpol ?

3 When thousands of pounds have been defrauded a persons human rights violated incarcarated against their will or by illegal means

and a persons estate sold before they die what can the public and supporters and the authorities do to save these lives and get

justice for the crimes against them. ?

4 Do you have any policies or protocols on this ?

5 Would you investigate these issues if we sent them to you as it would be unfair for the force involved or can you send these issues
to a higher agency.

Yours faithfully,

John Jones

European Anti-Fraud Office

Dear Mr Jones
Thank you for your request for information. In your request you ask OLAF
about processes concerning court and police corruption and you ask to have
access to any documents relating to this.
As you know, OLAF is the European Anti-Fraud Office. It carries out
administrative investigations in relation to the protection of the
financial interests of the European Union, defined as follows:
'Financial interests of the Union shall include revenues, expenditures and
assets covered by the budget of the European Union and those covered by
the budgets of the institutions, bodies, offices and agencies and the
budgets managed and monitored by them ' (Article 2(1) of Regulation (EU,
EURATOM) n° 883/2013 of the European Parliament and the Council concerning
investigations conducted by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) and
repealing Regulation (EC) N° 1073/1999 of the European Parliament and of
the Council and Council Regulation (EURATOM) N° 1479/1999
OLAF's competence is therefore limited.
You may wish to refer to this regulation, for more information:
Your email mentions court and police corruption.  Should OLAF come across
information pointing at court or police corruption, this would be
transmitted to a relevant national or regional authority with the power to
investigate and prosecute, as OLAF does not have any such powers. OLAF
itself  has no power to investigate police corruption. You will appreciate
that this is a highly sensitive matter, which is regulated at the national
Although the EU has legislated in the area of police cooperation, it has
had no competence in the area of police corruption.
If you are based in the UK, you may wish to get in touch with Corruption
Watch UK to get confidential advice about the best way forward, and
information about processes:
You may also wish to get in touch with JUSTICE
If you need protection as a whistleblower, you could get in touch with
I hope this helps to clarify matters and that the information will be
useful to you
Yours sincerely
Directorate  C: Investigation Support
Unit  C.4 – Legal Advice

Rue Joseph II, 30 • B-1000 Brussels (Belgium)
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