Data regarding fatalities and injuries caused by traffic accidents

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Mobility and Transport should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Cristina Martínez Villafáfila

Dear Mobility and Transport,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001 and the Aarhus Directive 2003/4/EC, I am requesting documents, reports, datasets and analysis of any kind which contain the following information:

According to road safety:

1. Document "Annual Accident Report 2021"

2. Dataset for "Annual number of fatalities by country 2010-2020".

3. Dataset for "Annual number of injuries by country 1990(or from when data is first available)-2020"

Should my request be denied wholly or partially, please explain the denial or all deletions referring to specific exemptions in the regulation. Also, I expect the partial release of documents, in case of partial exemption according to article 4.6.

Yours faithfully,
Cristina Martínez Villafáfila
Vía de las dos castillas, 7
Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid (28224)