Dutch government plans to reduce flights at Schiphol airport

Olivier Hoedeman made this access to documents request to Mobility and Transport

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Dear DG Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE),

on behalf of Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO), I would like to - under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties as developed in Regulation 1049/2001 - request access to the following documents:

1) minutes and other notes from DG MOVE's meetings (including online meetings) with stakeholders/lobbyists (from March 1st 2022 until today) in which the Dutch government’s intention to reduce flights at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport by 20 percent was discussed.

2) all correspondence (including emails and WhatsApp messages) with stakeholders/lobbyists (from March 1st 2022 until today) about the Dutch government’s intention to reduce flights at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport by 20 percent was discussed.

There is a clear public interest in the disclosure of these documents. The transparency rules as set out in the Lisbon Treaty oblige the EU institutions to work as openly and as closely as possible to the citizens. There is moreover clearly a lot at stake for citizens in this case, as it concerns the right of public authorities to introduce the strong and ambitious policy measures needed to reduce noise pollution, avoid catastrophic climate change, etc.

Yours faithfully,

Olivier Hoedeman
on behalf of Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO)
Rue d'Edimbourg 26
1050 Brussels

This should include the minutes from the meetings of Director-General Henrik Hololei with Delta Air Lines (15-11-2022), Royal Schiphol Group (19-10-2022), KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (25-07-2022), etc.


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Yours faithfully,

Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport - Access to Documents
European Commission


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Dear Sir,

We are writing concerning your request for access to Commission documents
registered on 17/03/2023 under case number 2023/1701.

We are currently working on your request. However, we have not yet been
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The reason for this is that your application concerns a large number of
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have to be consulted on their disclosure.

Therefore, in line with Article 7(3) of [1]Regulation (EC) No 1049/2001,
we need to extend this time limit by 15 additional working days. The new
time limit expires on 04/05/2023.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Kind regards,



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Dear Mr. Hoedeman,

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