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Glasgow COP26 expenses

Abdul Hai made this access to documents request to Climate Action

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Dear Climate Action,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting documents which contain the following information:

Can you provide me with the number of people who attended COP26 in Glasgow?
How much was paid for travel? Also what method did they travel by for example airplane if so was it budget airline?
Also costs for overnight stays and where they stayed for example bed and breakfast or hotel?

Yours faithfully,

Abdul Hai

CLIMA D01 ARES, Climate Action

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Dear Mr. Abdul Hai,


We refer to your email dated 5 March 2022. Please note that given the
scope of your request, we consider that it constitutes a request for
information that does not fall under the scope of Regulation 1049/2001.
Such request for information is therefore dealt with under the Code of
Good Administrative Behaviour.


Concerning your request, please note that the official list of
participants to COP26 is available online on the UNFCCC website
The European Union is listed in the 1^st part of this document.


The EU delegation was composed of 123 delegates, including representatives
of the Council of the European Union, the European Parliament, the
European Commission, the European External Action Service, the Committee
of the Regions, the European Environment Agency, the European Central
Bank. From the European Commission, 8 different Directorates-General were
represented, including DG Climate Action, leading the negotiations in the
UNFCCC context.


Given the structure of the different institutions and services, it is not
possible for DG CLIMA to access the information requested in due time and
further research and requests to different services will be necessary.

Furthermore, it is not possible to provide the documents related to your
request as they contain information protected by the  General Data
Protection Regulation (Regulation 2016/679 of the 27 April 2016).

Nonetheless, DG CLIMA can provide you the following information that we
hope will be useful to your research.


As indicated above, the EU Delegation at COP26 was officially 123
Delegates. Out of this number, only 52 delegates were from the European
Commission, including cabinets von der Leyen, Timmermans and Simson and
out of the 52 delegates from the European Commission, only 23 delegates
were part of DG CLIMA and its team of negotiators.


Regarding the travel from DG CLIMA delegates, please find below a view of
the arrangements made. The average price of the return trip was 738,44 EUR
per person.

o   40% of the delegates travelled by train only (1^st and 2^nd class,
sometimes including night train to save the price of accommodation)

o   40% of the delegates travelled by train + plane (economic class)

o   20% of the delegates travelled by plane only (economic class)


Concerning the accommodation, DG CLIMA has booked 10 hotel rooms in a 3
stars hotel close from the COP26 venue for the Executive Vide-President
Timmermans, his team and delegates from DG CLIMA. The rest of the team
stayed in a 3 stars hotel in the city centre of Glasgow.


We wish this information will be useful to your research and should you
need further information regarding other services, please let us know and
the relevant services will follow-up with your request.


Best regards,

The CLIMA.D1 unit



European Commission

Directorate-General for Climate Action
CLIMA.D1 – Multilateral Affairs


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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Abdul Hai please sign in and let everyone know.