Information in regards to GW Pharmaceuticals and Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Cefyn Jones made this access to documents request to European Food Safety Authority

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Dear European Food Safety Authority,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting documents which contain the following information:

My request focuses on novel foods for CBD products - I would like to ask for all information on that topic that includes or references GW Pharmaceuticals and Jazz Pharmaceuticals.

The time frame for this request is 01/01/2015 to the present day (28/11/23)

Yours faithfully,

Cefyn Jones, European Food Safety Authority

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Dear Ms Jones,


I hereby acknowledge receipt of your e-mail of 28 November 2023, by means
of which you requested access to “documents which contain the following
information: My request focuses on novel foods for CBD products - I would
like to ask for all information on that topic that includes or references
GW Pharmaceuticals and Jazz Pharmaceuticals.”.


You highlight that “The time frame for this request is 01/01/2015 to the
present day (28/11/23)”.


Your application for public access to documents (PAD) has been registered
as PAD 2023/210 and is being processed as quickly as possible in
accordance with [1]Regulation (EC) No 1049/2001 regarding public access
to documents (hereinafter, “the PAD Regulation”).


We will come back to you by 19 December 2023 at the latest.


We would like to inform you that the website you have used
for submitting your request is a third-party platform, with no link to the
institutions, agencies and bodies of the EU, including EFSA. Consequently,
EFSA cannot be held liable for any errors of any kind occurring as a
result of the use of this platform. Likewise, we would ask you to provide
us with an alternative e-mail address to be used for the further
processing of your application for access to documents.


Additionally, please note that the third party running the
website is responsible for the processing of your personal data by means
of this platform. For further information, including on the way the third
party addresses your rights in the light of applicable data protection
legislation, please refer to the third party’s privacy policy. From our
experience with the way the platform operates, we understand that the
content of public access to documents requesters correspondence with EFSA
is usually published on the platform, including any personal data which
may be contained therein (e.g. private postal addresses). Please contact
us directly should you not wish your correspondence with EFSA to be
published on the platform. In the event that such a
communication is received from you, EFSA will then redirect all future
electronic correspondence to your private e-mail address only.


Please also be aware that Article 16 of the PAD Regulation regarding
public access to documents provides that this legal framework is
applicable without prejudice to any existing rules on copyright which may
limit a third party's right to reproduce or exploit released documents.


Finally, note that EFSA is using an online tool for processing public
access to documents application which can be accessed via the
[2]Connect.EFSA platform (“The PAD Tool”). In order to ensure a thorough
monitoring of PAD applications being processed by EFSA, your PAD
application would need to be included in this PAD tool. For this purpose
we ask you to communicate to us your personal e-mail address. Afterwards,
you may receive an e-mail of notification after we have included your
application in this tool and future communications with you will be sent
via the PAD Tool. Should you be interested in using it for eventual future
PAD applications, we highly recommend that you register in the system to
better follow the processing of your PAD applications and other queries
you may submit to EFSA. Should you wish to submit a new PAD application,
please select “public access to documents” in the ‘area’ box of the online


Yours sincerely,



Technical Assistant
EFSA Public Access to Documents



[3][email address]



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Dear Mariama,

Thanks for responding.

First may I address that I'm Mr, not Ms.

I take no offense though, my name is Welsh for Kevin, and it throw a lot of people off.

In the interests of transparency, I'm the founder of The Hemp Hound Agency, and I am working towards understanding a certain situations that exists.

I appreciate that the information I'm requesting might be sensitive, however, considering the names involved and their impact of the hemp and CBD industry, as well as the consumers they supply, I would very much request that all communicating remain through the Ask the EU site.

Yours sincerely,

Cefyn Jones