Meeting agendas and legislative preparatory documents debated in Trilogues from October 11th and November 13th 2023.

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(NB An identical request has been submitted to the Council of the European Union)

Dear European Parliament,

According to news agencies several legislative Trilogues meetings took places between October 11th and November 13th 2023. However, no official information has yet been published by the co-legislator in their Registers of documents notwithstanding the provisions of art. 15.2 of TFEU, art. 11 and 12 of Regulation 1049/01 and the relevant CJEU Jurisprudence (notably, Case T-540/15).

Bearing in mind that participative democracy, as promoted by the EU Treaties, is meaningful only if legislative preparatory documents are accessible in a timely manner (see Case T-163/21) and that according to art.15 of Regulation 1049/01 “The institutions shall develop good administrative practices in order to facilitate the exercise of the right of access..” I therefore kindly ask to release as soon as possible, in the public domain, the meeting agendas and the legislative preparatory documents debated in Trilogues legislative meetings between October 11th and November 13th 2023.

Thanks in advance for your attention
Emilio De Capitani
11 rueDarwin
1190 Brussels

European Parliament

Our reference: 2023-3541

Dear Mr De Capitani,

The European Parliament hereby acknowledges receipt of your message, which
was registered on November 13, 2023.

All applications for public access to documents are treated in compliance
with Regulation (EC) No 1049/2001 of 30 May 2001 regarding public access
to European Parliament, Council and Commission documents.

In accordance with the above-mentioned Regulation, your application will
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The European Parliament reserves the right to ask for additional
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In addition, please note that any personal data that you provide by using website may be disclosed to the general public and visible on
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from your private email address by using the following functional mailbox
address: AccesDocs(at)

Best regards,

European Parliament
Directorate-General for the Presidency
Directorate-General for Interinstitutional Affairs and Legislative
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European Parliament

Dear Mr De Capitani,

The time limit for responding to your application for public access to
documents under Regulation (EC) No 1049/2001, as registered on November
13, 2023, expires today.

However, due to the number of files concerned by your application, the
time period covered and the need to establish a complete overview of the
meetings concerned by your request, Parliament must exceptionally extend
the time limit provided by Article 7(1) of Regulation (EC) No 1049/2001 by
a further 15 working days in accordance with Article 7(3) of that
Regulation in order to reply to your application.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your

Kind regards,

European Parliament
Directorate-General for the Presidency
Directorate-General for Interinstitutional Affairs and Legislative
[1][European Parliament request email]


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AccesDocs, European Parliament

1 Attachment

Dear Mr De Capitani,

In light of your application for public access to documents, Parliament
has identified the following documents, which are being made publicly
available on [1]Parliament's Public Register (Document type 1.4.17) and
will be accessible by entering the reference ‘NEGO_CT(year)no COD’ in the
‘Register Reference’ tab. (for technical reasons, it may take some time
for all documents to appear on the website of the Register).

Cttees COD Title / docs
  2021/0381 Reg. transpar & target political advertising                        6/11
Agenda + 4CT
IMCO 2022/0094 New Regulation on Construction Products                        24/10   
“             “
  Single Market Emergency Instrument                                 23/10   
2022/0278 “            “
2022/0358 Short term rental
“            “
+ JURI 2022/0302 Directive on liability for defective products                      
23/10     “            “
Asylum Procedures Regulation (APR)             7/11 Agenda + 4CT I+II, III,
  2016/0224 IV-VI
2020/0277 Crisis and force majeure Regulation                               12/10 7/11
  Ag + 4CT

LIBE Border Screening Regulation                    12/10 Ag + 2x 4CT  / 6/11

  Asylum & Migration Management Reg                                  7/11
2020/0279 Agenda + 4CT
Artificial Intelligence
  2021/0106 Act                                                           23/10 Ag + 4CT
Schengen Borders Code revision                                              
+ 2021/0428 7/11 Ag + 4CT
Dir. prevent/combat traffick HB/protect vict                          8/11
FEMM 2022/0246 Ag + 4CT
  Platform workers directive                                              
2021/0414    8/11 Ag + 4CT
EMPL 2023/0033 Dir on limit values for lead and diisocyanates                 12/10 Ag +
  2023/0008 Reg on Eur statist on population& housing                      3/11 Ag + 4CT
  Hydrogen and Gas regulation           
2021/0424                                   7/11 Ag + 4CT
  2021/0425 Dir common rules IM gases and hydrogen                       12/10 Ag + 4CT
ITRE 2022/0272 Cyber Resilience
Act                                                             8/11 Ag +
  Interoperable Europe act                                                 
2022/0379 13/11 Ag + 4CT
  2023/0076 Prot ag market manip ener mark (REMIT)                      26/10 Ag + 4CT
  2023/0077 Union’s electricity market design                                     19/10
Ag + 4CT
  2021/0239 Framework Recov & res insurance                                  23/10 Ag +
  2021/0240 Regulation Anti-money laundering seat                          9/11 Ag + 4CT
ECON 2021/0250 Directive Anti-money laundering seat                            23/10 Ag +
  2021/0295 Solvency II
Directive                                                           25/10 Ag
+ 4CT
  2021/0296 Amend Dir. Recov & res insurance                                 18/10 Ag +
  2021/0341 Instant payments in euro                                                  
7/11 Ag + 4CT
CONT Financial regulation recast                                              
2022/0162 23/10 Ag + 4CT
CULT European Media Freedom Act                                        19/10 Ag +
2022/0277 4CT
AGRI 2022/0089 Geographical indications                                                 
24/10 Ag + 4CT
  2022/0095 Reg. framework eco-design (ESPR)                                  7/11 Ag +
ENVI Nature
Restoration                                                             9/11
  2022/0195 Ag + 4CT
2022/0216 SOHO Reg Human Subst (blood, tiss & cells)                 6/11 Ag + 4CT

Please note that the content of the cells in the fourth column of the 4CTs
cannot be considered as agreed by the co-legislators and that the 4CTs
should always be read together with the corresponding agenda.

On this basis, Parliament considers your application handled and the
procedure closed. Should you wish to submit any new requests for specific
Parliament documents, please do not hesitate to come back to us.

Kind regards,

[2]https://download-centre.europarl.europa.... TRANSPARENCY UNIT
European Parliament
Directorate-General for the
Directorate-General for
Interinstitutional Affairs and
Legislative Coordination
[3][European Parliament request email]




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