Nomination of previous Assistant of Viviane Reding and Head of DG JUST A.1 Michael Shotter (British National) to Cabinet Juncker

The request was partially successful.

Dear Secretariat General,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting documents which contain the following information:

as the publication of CV's or leading members of the commission was rejected,

nevertheless this was found:
Michael Shotter
Michael Shotter has a degree in law from Cambridge University and a licence spéciale from the Institut d'Etudes européennes in Brussels. Having worked in private practice as a solicitor, he moved to the UK's Department of Trade & Industry on the European Fast Stream programme, before joining the European Commission's Legal Service in 1996. Between 2007 and 2013 he worked in the private office of Viviane Reding, first during her mandate as Commissioner responsible for the Information Society and Media portfolio and during her present mandate as European Commission Vice-President with responsibility for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship, when he was her Legal Adviser. Since December 2013 he is the head of the unit which is responsible for Civil Justice Policy in the European Commission's DG JUSTICE.
Michael Shotter was a direct colleague of Martin Selmayr under EU Vice President and Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding between 2007 and 2013.

As head of DG JUST A.1 his department was also responsible for the Enforcement of EC2201/2003 where there were several complaints about UK but the commission always rejected clarifications (letters) or infringements proceedings against UK.

Now Mr Shotter took over a position within the Cabinet Juncker:

Therefore I would like to know:
(1) All Documents which lead to the nomination of Mr Shotter as Head of DG JUST (coming from the office of Mrs Reding). Was there a public application process?

(2) All documents which lead to the nomination of Mr Shotter as Member of Cabinet - Personal Assistant and his exact position. It seems now Mr. Shotter is again working with Mr Selmayr. Was there a public application process?

(3) All Documents which lead to the nomination of Salla Saastamoinen as Director of DG JUST Equality as she was the previous head of DG JUST A.1 Was there a public application process ?

(4) The income scheme (I am not asking for the income of Mr Shotter, I am asking what a person in this positions earns)
(4.1) in the position under Mrs Reding
(4.2) the income as Head of A.1 (DG JUST Dir A — Civil justice)
(4.3) the income as Member of Cabinet - Personal Assistant (Juncker)
(4.4) the Income as Director Equality (DG JUST Dir D — Equality)

Getting to know this will also allow if the movements were based on financial interests.

(5) Involvements of Mr Shotter in the Revision of EC2201/2003 (communication with Expert Group)

(6) Whats the area of Work Mr Shotter is doing now (especially getting to know if he is involved in possible special agreements with the UK referendum about UK leaving the European Union).

Yours faithfully,

Klaus Zinser

Secretariat General of the European Commission

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Dear Mr. Zinzer,
Thank you for your request for access to documents.
Unfortunately you have not indicated your postal address that is required
for registering and handling your request in line with the procedural
requirements. Please send us your full postal address at your earliest
convenience. Pending your reply, we reserve the right to refuse the
registration of your request.
You may, of course, use directly the electronic form for entering your
Best regards,
European Commission
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Dear Secretariat General,

Hauptstrase 8
88427 Bad Schusenried

Yours faithfully,

Klaus Zinser

Secretariat General of the European Commission

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Dear Mr Zinzer,
Thank you for your e-mail dated 10/12/2015.  I hereby acknowledge receipt
of your request for access to documents, registered on 17/12//2015 under
the reference GESTDEM 2015/ 6636 (DG HR) and 2015/6637 (DG JUST).
In accordance with Regulation 1049/2001 regarding public access to
European Parliament, Council and Commission documents, you will receive a
response to your request within 15 working days (18/01/2016). In case this
time limit needs to be extended, you will be informed in due course.
Yours sincerely,
Cellule 'Accès aux documents'
European Commission
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BERL 05/315
B-1049 Brussels/Belgium
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Klaus Zinser left an annotation ()

This was in the press:
European Commission: the only Italian left Juncker’s cabinet in contrast with Head of Cabinet Selmayr. Gozi: “Unacceptable”
The only Italian member of the cabinet of the European Commission President Juncker left on January 2nd in an open contrast with the Head of Cabinet Martin Selmayr, a German nationality EU officer.

Carlo Zanda has been the member of the cabinet in charge of immigration, justice and internal affairs but Selmayr gave instead to a British officer the “strategic coordinator “role on these competences.

The Italian Minister for European Affairs Sandro Gozi labeled this decision as not acceptable and claimed it as an issue of political opportunity. This case has come after Italian PM Renzi strongly criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her decisions over EU policies.

(Il Fatto Quotidiano, Corriere della Sera)

Today, EU Spokesperson said that “the idea of using the media to do politics on personnel is not a good one. We are an interinstitutional civil service that works for the benefit of everybody, so we are not the aggregate of the member states. we leave our passports at the door of the Berlaymont”

Secretariat General of the European Commission

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Dear Mr Zinser,


Please find enclosed the replay to your request with ref. GestDem N°
2015/6636 with its annexes.


Best regards,


Karolina Kaminska

Office of Mr Henk POST


European Commission

DG Human Resources and Security

Directorate C – Talent Management & Diversity -  Executive Staff



Science 11 - office 8/10

B-1049 Brussels/Belgium

+ 32 2 291 34 82

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Klaus Zinser,

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Dear Klaus Zinser,

re your wording:
"As regards point 1 of your mail, the post of Head of Unit JUST.A.1 was published in accordance with the normal Commission procedures. 19 officials submitted their application for this post. I enclose the vacancy notice (COM/2013/1693) and the appointment decision of 20 November 2013. For data protection reasons, the grade of Mr Shotter was redacted in this decision. For the same reasons, which are explained below in more detail, the other documents relating to this selection procedure cannot be disclosed.
With regard to point 2 of your mail, I have to signal that Mr Shotter was seconded to the Cabinet of President Juncker in the interests of the service, on the basis of Articles 37(a) and 38 of the Staff Regulations of Officials of the European Union. Accordingly, as Article 29 of the Staff Regulations was not applicable, there was no formal selection procedure."

(Q1:)Does this mean, including Mr Shotter 19 people have applied for this position ?

And it is said, "I have to signal that Mr Shotter was seconded to the Cabinet of President Juncker in the interests of the service .. there was no formal selection procedure." it seems the other applicants have not been reviewed/heard. And it seems Mr Shotter has got this position in a secret decision.
(Q2) Who has made this decision ? Mr Juncker ? His earlier colleague Mr Selmayr ? And who has signed this decision ?
(Unfortunately I have to say that this is very strange as Mr Shotter is a British citizen and Mr Shotter and his department DG JUST Civil Justice Polica has always denied a violation on 2201/2003EC through UK when there was enough evidence that UK has violated EU law:

This is very worrying as European Citizens can get the impression that Michael Shotter is installed in the EU Commission as Goalkeeper to hide violations and deny infringement proceedings against the United Kingdom. If UK is doing well, there would be no problem when the Luxemburg Court reviews the cases and and decides.

Therefore I would recommend much more transparency is put in this nomination.

Yours sincerely,

Klaus Zinser