Protection of Individual Personal Data in the course of the justification of costs of project fundded by the Erasmus+programme

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In the course of the cost justification of Erasmus+ project, personal data of the employees working in behalf of an organisation is requested. It this fulfilling the norms of the European legislation of data protection?
Have the employee the right to deny their personal data (labour contract, income information etc))?
In the affirmative case, how the EACEA is handling the situation?

Yours faithfully,

Karsten Krüger


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course of the justification of costs of project fundded by the

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Dear Mr Krüger,


Thank you for your email.


Any personal data is processed by the Agency pursuant to Regulation
2018/1725 (previously Regulation 45/2001) solely for the purposes of the
implementation, management and monitoring of the Grant Agreement. Such
processing activities are documented in our privacy statement which is
available on our website


When processing personal data the Agency abides by the principle of data
minimisation and thus does not require and treat personal data which are
not necessary for the verification of the costs of the grant.


Please note that at the same time, our grant agreement provides that the
beneficiary must process personal data under the Agreement in compliance
with applicable EU and national law on data protection. Therefore upon
providing the Agency with the relevant costs justifications, the
beneficiaries must apply the provisions of the GDPR in their relations
with their employees.


For this reason, when they send costs justifications to the Agency,
beneficiaries should blacken any personal data which are irrelevant to
this purpose and if their transmission is not compliant with the GDPR.


If you have any further question, do not hesitate to come back to us by
email to the following address [6][email address].


Kind regards






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Dear Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency,
I have sent you some days ago a request about protection of personal data within the cost justification of EU-projects.
The no-response to the question, could be intepreted that the Agency is violating the directrice of personal data protection of the UE?

Yours faithfully,

Karsten Krüger

Thank you for the response and please, delete the previous e-mail, which was sent before reading this e-mail.

Yours sincerely,

Karsten Krüger

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Dear Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency,
Again thank yo for your answer, but taking this answer as reference, the question is how the request of part of the EACEA in the cost justification of staff labour contracts, justification of salary payments of individial staff etc. fits in with this guideline to protect the individual data. This is, form my personal point of view, a contradiction.

Yours faithfully,

Karsten Krüger

Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency


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